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UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2015 Pre-Professional Day May 20, 2011.

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2 UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2015 Pre-Professional Day May 20, 2011

3 Stephen Erena, M.S. Director, Student Services (859) 257-5266 UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2015 Pre-Professional Day


5 Kelly M. Smith, PharmD Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

6 Prescription for Success Kelly M. Smith, PharmD Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

7 Pharmacy is different.

8 Office of Academic and Student Affairs Pre-pharmacy/Recruitment Admissions Academic Affairs - Registration, rules, records Student Services - Organizations, personal issues, financial aid, student events

9 Lingo COP =College of Pharmacy BPC = Room Prefixes PY1 = Professional Year One PPS = Courses taught by Pharmacy Practice and Science PHS = Courses taught by Pharmaceutical Sciences IPPE, APPE, PCL, APhA, KAPS…

10 Academic Rules Tuition is payment for a chance to “prove” you can “earn” a degree Any grade less than a “C” causes your record to be reviewed by the Academic Performance Committee Some courses do not include “D” options Any behavior less than professional causes your actions to be reviewed by the Dean, Academic Performance Committee, and a College Behavioral Code Committee

11 Guiding Tools UK Student Rights and Responsibilities Health Care Colleges Behavioral Code College of Pharmacy Website Student Handbook Bulletin Technical Standards Criminal Background Check/Drug Screen Honor Code

12 Academic Calendar Different start and stop dates than rest of UK Weekend and evening BLOCK exams Off-campus experiential education Weekend involvement Housing & stipend if in AHEC Region Out of regular hours activities Last-minute schedule changes

13 Experiential Education PPS928 – Summer PY1 Community environment; 4 weeks PPS948 – Summer PY2 Hospital environment; 4 weeks PPS98X – Entire PY4 year Mixed environments; 6 weeks x 7 Some elective areas of focus 11 semesters of study

14 Educational Approach Self-directed High expectations Mutual respect Preparation to become a healthcare professional Make decisions that affect patients’ lives

15 Curriculum Combination of foundation knowledge and clinical skills Heavy grounding in science Large and small group learning approaches Increasing rigor and complexity Produce an excellent pharmacist for today, as well as for tomorrow

16 Hi, My name is Xxx Yyy (PYx) and I was looking over my exam today and realized I had not penciled in 4 questions 28-31 on the exam, and therefore was not granted credit, even though my circled responses were on the actual exam. 3 out of the 4 of them I would have gotten correctly have i had darkened them in on the scantron. i guess my point in emailing you was to bring forth to your attention that there could be more attention focused on the grading side,

17 since errors like these do occur on side of students, and they could be neutralized by exam-graders. i feel that i have submitted to you, if not in full manner, still adequate answers that should have been noticed, since they were clearly missing on the scantron sheet as well as the summary grade sheet. I appreciate quick grading and prompt return of exams, but I would like to ask you if more thorough grading could be implemented in the future. Thanks for your time

18 Personal Tips Communicate Seek help and ask questions Meet with faculty Plan ahead Check UK email account at least daily Suggest improvements

19 Personal Tips Be professional Punctual, prepared, neat, organized responsible Foster mutual respect Wear your ID badge

20 Personal Tips Take advantage of opportunities Work with us to help you get the most out of your education Remove distractions

21 Personal Tips Commit to making daily deposits, rather than withdrawals, in your professional bank account.

22 Vows of a Pharmacy Student

23 I realize what an important opportunity pharmacy school is for me. I realize it is impossible to cram for exams and perform well in pharmacy school. I realize it is impossible to miss sleep and perform well in pharmacy school. I realize it is impossible to eat poorly and perform well in pharmacy school.

24 Therefore, I vow to: Study every day. Eliminate distractions. Eat healthy meals. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Do all these things, especially during block exams. I will remember and uphold these vows.

25 25 Perspective 95% of students graduate on schedule Highest passing rates on national licensure exam for more than a decade


27 Dual Degree Programs/Gateways University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Frank Romanelli, Pharm.D., MPH, BCPS

28 Dual Degree Programs PharmD-MPA (Masters in Public Administration) PharmD-MBA (Masters in Business Administration) PharmD-MPH (Masters in Public Health) PharmD-MSPAS (Master of Science in PA Studies)

29 Dual Degrees - Pros “Two degrees at one time.” Differentiation: competitive edge in employment and other post-graduate experiences Opportunities to interact with students from other degree programs

30 Dual Degree Requirements -Vary By Program- Good standing (3.0 GPA) in Pharmacy Permission from the COP to pursue a dual degree Appropriate prerequisite courses Standardized admission test (GRE or GMAT) 10–12 non-pharmacy courses

31 Dual Degree Requirements -Vary By Program- Typically 2 extra classes each semester PY2, PY3, PY4 Most courses offered after 4:30 PM Finish both PharmD and Masters at the same time (4 years); exception: PharmD/MSPAS (adds one professional year)

32 PharmD/Masters in Public Administration

33 What is an MPA? Professional Master’s degree – Training in policy analysis, project planning, program implementation and evaluation Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation – FDA, DEA, KASPER, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Board of Pharmacy MPA: administrative focus

34 PharmD / MPA Academic partner: Martin School of Public Policy and Administration Preparation for careers in: – State and federal regulatory and administrative agencies – Pharmaceutical industry – Professional association leadership – Managed care organizations – Hospital leadership teams – Academia (Faculty; Research coordinators) – Not-for-profit organizations

35 PharmD / MPA No prerequisite courses GRE is required (best time to complete?) 9 courses (plus Capstone) All courses offered after 4:30 PM Internship requirement – Component of APPE Abbott, KY Medicaid, Humana, Office of Pharmacy Affairs, UK HMO, United Health care, and others

36 PharmD / MBA

37 Academic partner: Gatton College of Business and Economics Preparation for careers in: – Pharmacy Benefit Management Organizations – Pharmaceutical Industry – Institutional Management – Managed Care Organizations – Academia

38 PharmD/MBA GMAT or GRE is required Six pre-requisite courses: can be taken at any college or by correspondence – Economics 201 – STA 291 – MA 123 – Pre-requisites ‘count’ as pharmacy electives Once admitted to the MBA program, 10 total courses All offered after 4:30 PM

39 PharmD/MPH

40 What is a MPH? Professional Master’s degree – Basic training in epidemiology, biostatistics, healthcare management, environmental health and health behavior Identifying the effects of self, society, and the environment on health Community pharmacy is very public health centric

41 Definition Public health defined: “The science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort.”

42 Public Health Tracks Epidemiology Health Services Management Health Behavior Biostatistics Preventive Medicine and Environment Health Gerontology (PhD)

43 PharmD/MPH No prerequisite courses Additional eleven courses (plus capstone) – PPS 950 counts towards the MPH elective Most but not all courses offered after 3:00 PM Practicum requirement –Can be coordinated with APPE

44 What Can I Do? Pharmaceutical Industry – Health outcomes of drug products Managed Care Organizations – Humana and other insurance companies – Prescription and outcomes research Government – FDA – Public Health Service and global health *Indian Health Service

45 Which Option is Best for Me? Differences are generally related to career focus, organizational culture, matches to individual background and credit hours Each program covers similar general concepts and skills – The applications and specific career focus differ What do you want to do in your career? – MBA : best choice for work in a corporate, for profit environment – MPA: management and finance issues in non-profit organizations and government – MPH: healthcare and social-work providers within the public health arena and public health research I want to help my I want to serve the organization be profitable mission of my organization MBA MPA MPH

46 Which Option is Best for Me? For UK PharmD dual degrees: – MBA (with prerequisites): 10 classes – MPA: 9 classes + Capstone – MPH: 11 classes + Capstone – MBA (without prerequisites): 13 classes Capstone = written research project that is presented in a public forum Requires data collecti on.

47 PharmD/MSPAS

48 Physician Assistants Historical roots in the military Mid-level, non-autonomous practitioners Trained in the medical model of care Entry level degree: MSPAS (97 credit hours)

49 PharmD/MSPAS Application following completion of the second professional year Bachelors degree or 90 h of undergraduate and professional work by end of PY2 Cumulative professional GPA: ≥ 3.0 Capped and competitive enrollment

50 PharmD/MSPAS Process 97 total PA hours (29 hours satisfied by PharmD curriculum) APPE program modified to meet both PharmD and MSPAS clerkship requirements (12h of joint coursework) Pharmacy students enrolled in program veer into PA coursework beginning in PY4 with most APPEs/clerkships completed in ‘PY5’ ‘Masters Project’

51 PharmD/MSPAS Practice Generally function as either a PA or a PharmD Prescriptive privileges Refined physical assessment skills Models in the COP (MaJ)

52 Urban Myths (These things are NOT true) Dual degree students automatically get all APPE rotations in Lexington Dual degree students can’t do any APPEs outside of Kentucky Dual degree students don’t have to take block exams

53 Pearls Research programs The dual degree is NOT awarded by the COP; responsibility rests with you Be proactive – start early Two degrees not one – will require more work Read DDs FAQs


55 Gateways Pharmaceutical Science [available] *Awaiting certificate approval Dr. Jim Pauley Advanced Pharmacotherapy [available] *Course(s) construction in progress Dr. Aaron Cook Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy [pending] *In progress Dr. Jimmi Hatton

56 Graduate Certificate in Gerontology Dr. Melody Ryan

57 Curriculum 15 credit hours – At least one 3-hour course in the following areas Biomedical sciences and health services Social and behavioral sciences policy Planning and ethics – 210 hours of practicum

58 Admission Acceptance to the Graduate School GPA of at least 3.0 Application (form, transcripts, references) Deadlines – April 1, July 31, November 14 grams

59 Graduate Certificate in Global Health

60 Curriculum 15 credit hours – CPH751 Introduction to Public Global Health – CPH605 Epidemiology – 2 electives – Global Health Internship ams


62 UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2014 Pre-Professional Day Dr. Penni Black Assistant professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

63 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot This is an introduction to the intersection of basic science, practice and ethical issues in healthcare You will participate in a discussion group of peers to debate a few themes in the book in August during PDW Several PY1/2 classes will utilize the content and themes of the book Common Reading Experience


65 Experiential Education Holly Divine, Pharm.D., CGP, CDE Associate Professor, PPS Department

66 Rotations – IPPE I, PPS 928 – IPPE II, PPS 948 – APPE, PPS 991, 992, 993, 994, 995, 996 Requirements – Intern Registration – Drug Screenings – Background Checks – Immunizations Experiential Education

67 Experiential Education-Contact Office of Experiential Education: 859-218-1308 Holly Divine, Pharm.D., CGP, CDE, FAPhA – Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Coordinator – 859-323-9332; Office 114W – Anne Policastri, Pharm.D., MBA, FKSHP – Assistant Director of Experiential Education/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Coordinator – 859-323-0893; Office 114U – Trish Freeman, R.Ph., Ph.D. – Director of Experiential Education – – 859-323-1381l Office 292J


69 Mobile Computing Patrick Smith Information Services Student Assistant (859) 257-1169

70 Hardware Requirements 2 Ghz Dual Core Processor 2 GB RAM 160 GB Hard Disk space minimum Wireless Connection (802.11n preferred) Students can purchase Dell computers at discounted rates via Dell’s UK portal. Apple computers are acceptable, but we will not be able to provide as high a level of support.

71 Tech Support Support provided by the College of Pharmacy includes: Connection to the building’s wireless network Burning ISOs of campus software (student must provide blank CD) Data recovery of files related to student’s academics E-mail or UK account problems General advising for solutions to computer problems

72 Tech Support Support provided WILL NOT include: Hardware repair or installation Software installation for programs not available via Any other services not explicitly mentioned Support will be available in Rm. 196 of BPC

73 KY Trade Computers Students needing additional technical support may visit the offices of KY Trade Computers in the basement of the W.T. Young Library or 373 Virginia Ave. Support will be $35 per service.

74 Student Software Numerous popular programs are available via the University at discount rates. Microsoft Office (Mac or PC Software) Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop Microsoft Windows 7

75 E-mail Policy Students are advised to NOT forward their UKY e-mail to another address. Questions or requests sent to IT from outside addresses (Gmail, yahoo, etc.) will not be answered as user identity can not be verified.

76 Public Printing The College has two public printers that students can access wirelessly. Students will need to have these printers installed on their computer by a technician of IKON, which handles the operation of these printers. IKON is located in WT Young Library 1-56; available by phone at (859)-257-9376.

77 Mobile Computing Website:

78 Questions? Contact Patrick Smith via e-mail at: Call the IT Office at: 859-257-1169

79 Time to Stretch!

80 Getting Involved In Student Organizations

81 Kentucky Alliance of Pharmacy Students (KAPS) Janelle Uhde, KAPS Chair

82 The Kentucky Alliance of Pharmacy Students, or KAPS, is an umbrella organization comprised of the student chapters of several state and national organizations, some of which include:  APhA- American Pharmacists Association  KPhA- Kentucky Pharmacists Association  ASHP- American Society of Health-System Pharmacists  KSHP- Kentucky Society of Health-System Pharmacists  NCPA- National Community Pharmacists Association What is KAPS?

83 KAPS APhA NCPAASHP American Pharmacists Association Kentucky Pharmacists Association APhA-Academy of Student Pharmacists National Community Pharmacists Association NCPA Student Chapter Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists Kentucky Society of Health-System Pharmacists KSHP Student Chapter

84 Regional and National Meetings  NCPA National Meeting  2011- Nashville, TN  APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting  2011- Indianapolis, IN  ASHP Midyear Meeting  2011- New Orleans, LA  APhA National Meeting  2012- New Orleans, LA

85 KAPS Committees  Operation Diabetes  Operation Immunization  Heartburn Awareness  Asthma Awareness  IPSF  Prof. Development & Recruitment  Fundraising  Legislative  Faith Pharmacy  Salvation Army Clinic  Operation Heart  HIV ABC  Generation Rx  Convocation

86 Operation Diabetes Activities:  Health fairs with KY Clinic Pharmacy  Carb Conscious Cuisine cookbooks  Walk for Diabetes  Pie-In-The-Face Contest

87 Operation Immunization Activities:  Drive-thru Flu Shots with KY Clinic Pharmacy  Flu Shot Clinics with Kroger Pharmacy  Gardasil Campaign

88 Heartburn Awareness Activities:  Race Against Reflux- 5K Run  Health fairs with KY Clinic

89 Asthma, IPSF and Professional Development & Recruitment Activities:  Asthma Camp  World AIDS Day  Anti-smoking Campaign  Mentor Program  Pre-pharmacy Meetings  Open Houses

90 Legislative and Generation Rx Activities:  Legislative Day  Letter Writing Campaign  Campus-wide outreach programs  Med Toss events

91 Faith Pharmacy and Salvation Army Clinic Activities:  Staffing Faith Pharmacy  Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser  Adopt-a-Patient Program  Staffing Salvation Army Clinic

92 Fundraising Activities:  Faculty Auction  T-shirts  Bake sales

93 Operation Heart and HIV ABC  Health Fairs at Kroger  Partnered with American Heart Association  Project Chance Grant  Partnered with Moveable Feast & Leadership Legacy

94 Leadership Opportunities  KAPS Chair and elect  APhA-ASP President and elect  SSHP President and elect  NCPA President and elect  Treasurer and elect  Recording Secretary  Director of Committees  PY1 Liaison  Committee Chair(s)

95 Phi Lambda Sigma

96 Phi Lambda Sigma Chi Chapter

97 Activities Alumni & Friends Golf Ball Drop Leadership Convocation and Banquet Pumpkin Carving Contest God’s Pantry Food Drive PLS Penny Wars C.L.A.S.S.


99 CPFI Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International

100 Non-denominational Christian organization National Organization UK CPFI represents just one chapter. Provides fellowship to student pharmacists and pharmacy practitioners in the community What is CPFI?

101 Monthly Chapter Meetings A Healthcare professional speaks about Christianity in their practice and work environment Outreach activity Monthly Fellowship/Social Activity Sponsor one child through World Vision Operation Christmas Child Collect & package items into shoe boxes for kids in need Student-led Bible Study Operation Inspiration What does CPFI do?

102 How do I get involved? Attend Chapter Meetings and Social Events! Church contact sheets at 1 st informational meeting Great if you are looking for a local church home No mandatory dues (donations only) Fundraisers: UK College of Pharmacy window clings Over-the-Counter and Lab Value Quick Cards Welcome Picnic: Thursday August 25 th 6 pm

103 CPFI Dispensing Hope and Encouragement Victoria Sansom CPFI President 2011-2012

104 Student National Pharmaceutical Association Student National Pharmaceutical Association SNPhA Serving the Underserved

105 Educational service organization Pharmacy and healthcare issues Recognize poor minority representation in pharmacy and healthcare professions SNPhA Mission

106 Student leadership and skill development Promote participation in national healthcare issues Develop the role of the minority healthcare professional as a vital member of the team Develop a positive image of minority healthcare professionals Educate the public on better health practices SNPhA Objectives

107 Stroke Initiative – Smoking Cessation and Blood Pressure Screens SNPhA Service Heejoo Kim at the Wal-Mart Health Fair

108 Breast Cancer Initiative – Hope Lodge Dinner and Wear Pink Day SNPhA Service SNPhA Kids Make Chili for Hope Lodge Families

109 Black History Month – Special Convocation Guest Speaker SNPhA Service Welcoming Special Guest Dr. Judy ‘JJ’ Jackson

110 HIV/AIDS Initiative – World AIDS Day (December 1) – Moveable Feast Partnership Diabetes Initiative – Education and Blood Glucose Screenings Legislation/Voting/Immigration Initiative – Voter registration for underrepresented groups SNPhA Service

111 Mr. PharmD Pageant – Casualwear, Businesswear, Dance, Talent, Q&A SNPhA Fun

112 New Member Kidnap – Wait to find out! Candygrams, Bowling, Potluck, Regional and National Meetings! SNPhA Fun

113 PY1 Mixer coming in August! – Join us for free food – Find out what SNPhA is all about Develop your leadership skills – Committee chair positions for PY1s Serve your community – And meet your service requirement Join SNPhA

114 Visit us on your break today! – COP Polos on sale Join us on Facebook! – UK SNPhA Group Email us! – Tony Massarone (President) – Join SNPhA

115 Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Upsilon Chapter Regent: Jacob Yinger

116 LKS

117 Who are we? An international, professional pharmacy fraternity dedicated to developing intellectual, leadership, and professional skills in women

118 Community Service Opportunities – Valentines for Vets – Reverse Trick or Treat – AVOL Angel Tree – Habitat for Humanity – Fulfill your community service requirement!

119 Professional Development Networking opportunities – Alumni interaction – Monthly social events Get to know PY1, PY2, PY3, and PY4 students



122 Welcome Lunch Come to hear more Eat a free lunch! All women are welcome


124 AMCP Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

125 An organized health care system to improve the quality and accessibility of health care Focus on: – Patient care – Disease management – Cost effective use of medications What is Managed Care Pharmacy?

126 Why should you join AMCP? Pharmacy jobs in managed care are increasing by 22% – Explore career options with monthly meetings with guest managed care pharmacists National Conferences – Ability to network with other members/professionals for job opportunities Valuable Paid Summer Internships – Pfizer/Humana – Abbott – CVS/Caremark National P&T Competition – Unique opportunity to prepare and review a drug or drug class and present real world formulary decisions Managed Care Residencies 2 nd Annual beach volleyball tournament in August


128 Introduction to the Patient Care Laboratory Sequence Trish Freeman, RPh, PhD Clinical Associate Professor Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science

129 Goal of the Patient Care Laboratory A 6-course laboratory sequence (PPS 919 – 969) designed to assist you in developing the skills needed to fulfill the professional and technical responsibilities associated with the practice of pharmacy – Provide patient care – Oversee the medication-use system – Promote health improvement, wellness and disease prevention

130 Goal of the Patient Care Laboratory By the end of the 6-course laboratory sequence, you will have the skills and knowledge to provide patient-centered care in a manner consistent with the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science’s “Philosophy of Practice”

131 The Philosophy of Practice The pharmacist: – assumes a defined responsibility for the patients under his/her direct care – accepts responsibility for his/her patients need for expertise in reducing individual medication-related morbidity and mortality, and assumes overall responsibility for patient care in collaboration with other health care professionals – addresses all of his/her patients’ medication- related needs using a patient-centered approach – approaches each individual patient in such a way as to establish a caring therapeutic one-on-one relationship

132 Key Laboratory Policies Professionalism Professional Dress Attendance/Punctuality

133 Professionalism Our expectations of you – Be on time – Be prepared – Be respectful – Meet deadlines – Take responsibility for your learning and your behavior – Learn for participation in a life-long career, not to pass a test!

134 Professionalism Our commitment to you – Provide the highest quality educational experience – Work with you to assist your learning – Be respectful of you

135 Professional Dress Why is it important? – You are entering a profession – You will come in contact with patients and other professionals – When you look professional, your behavior is more likely to be professional

136 Professional Dress Students will maintain a clean, neat appearance at all times Avoid extremes in hairstyles, cosmetics and jewelry Earrings are permitted Nose rings, eyebrow rings and other visible piercings are not permitted in lab A professor may set forth additional standards of attire in his or her syllabus If a faculty member deems a student's attire inappropriate, according to established policy, the student will be notified privately outside of class and asked to correct the problem

137 Professional Dress White lab coat must be worn during all lab activities Additional requirements include dress shirts and ties, sweaters or turtlenecks for men and appropriate dress clothes for women Jeans and open-toe shoes may not be worn in the lab Some laboratory activities may require the removal of jewelry, nail polish and excessively long fingernails

138 Attendance/Punctuality Important component of professionalism – Better to learn now than later when entering the workforce! Students are expected to arrive on time for all lab activities Attendance at all lab activities is mandatory and non-negotiable

139 Summer Assignments – Math Why are they necessary? – To assist you in achieving success in the PY1 year – Pharmacy calculations is an integral part of PPS 919 – Patient Care Laboratory I – Reviewing basic math skills will prepare you for PY1 calculations and improve your math background

140 Summer Assignments – Math Textbook - Pharmaceutical Calculations, 4 th edition by Joel L. Zatz, 2005 Assignment: Read and work through the following: – Chapter 1 – General Principles of Calculations – Chapter 2 thru page 38 - Units, Weighing and Measuring – Appendix 1 – Appendix 7

141 Summer Assignments – Med Term Why are they necessary? – A basic understanding of medical terminology is important for solving simple patient problems and reviewing patient records as part of PY1 lab sessions – Additional chapters in the text will be assigned throughout the subsequent years as organ systems are taught in other courses

142 Summer Assignments – Med Term Textbook - Medical Terminology: A Programmed Learning Approach to the Language of Health Care by Marjorie Canfield Willis, 2 nd edition, 2007 Assignment: Read and work through the following: – Chapter 1- Basic Term Components – Appendix A – Glossary of Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms – Appendix B – Abbreviations and Symbols

143 Math and Med Term Assessment Given during the first week of classes in August Students are required to pass the assessments during the fall semester as a course requirement for PPS 919 One additional opportunity to pass these assessments will be provided during the fall semester for students who do not pass the first attempt However, it will be more difficult to prepare for the assessment while taking a full course load



146 Housing Tony Blanton UK Student Services Director Off-Campus Student Services, Director 513 Patterson Office Tower 257-3753 Off Campus Housing l


148 Things I wish I knew before starting Pharmacy School ……. A few tips from the Classes of 2012, 2013, and 2014

149 Office Supplies Printer/ Copier Laser printer Automatic 2-sided printer and copier Cheap ink Walgreens will refill cartridges for select brands Continuous bulk flow ink system Plus Account USB Drive Always carry in your book bag

150 Staying Organized Buy a 3 inch binder for every block – Don’t try to carry 7 smaller binders—it doesn’t work! File your notes after every block – File cabinet – Binders Become friends with your planner – A UK College of Pharmacy planner is provided to each student – Includes dates of all student organization meetings/activities

151 Saving Money Talk to your local bank – Your local bank can provide information about how to plan your budget for the next 4 years of school Bring your own lunch (with utensils) – Microwaves are available Rely on your laptop for lecture notes--you will save a lot of money!

152 Outside of School If you plan to work, talk to your boss about your blocks schedule in advance Start building your professional wardrobe Plan your grocery shopping trips around blocks Use the Johnson Center- it’s FREE!!!!! – Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 6 am-midnight Saturday 9 am-9 pm Sunday 11 am- midnight

153 Other Helpful Tips Always carry a spare set of batteries for ARS clickers and calculators Don’t blow off your first set of blocks Leave your white coat, Drug Information Handbook, and other references in your locker Don’t wait too long before getting your immunizations – Hep B is a 3 shot series! Get a reliable alarm clock Buy a lock

154 Questions?


156 Institutional Diversity Kairise Conwell Director, Health Center Student Diversity Services

157 Our Mission is to sustain and nurture a diverse, caring and inclusive environment for all students to achieve academic excellence. As part of the network of the Office of Institutional Diversity, this office works towards promoting collaboration among administration, faculty, staff and students in earnest pursuit of UK’s diversity goals. Our Goal is to help students to welcome different points of view and belief systems while examining and refining their own. Throughout the year, programs, workshops and activities are planned to provide leadership on diversity issues, exposure to professional experiences and academic support to students seeking admission as well as to those already enrolled in a health professions degree. Health Center Student Diversity Services

158 Staff: Kairise Conwell, Director LaKetta Rollins, Staff Support Chris Johnson, Health Professions Recruiter For more information: Office location: 307A Kentucky Clinic Phone: (859) 257-5196 Email: Find us on Facebook!


160 Product ID: RFC-03 Price $32 at Turning Technologies Online Store: School Code: 80ej (eight, zero,lower case e & j ) Bookstore also carries.

161 Let’s Eat

162 Preparation for Fall 2011 Check(ing)


164 Residency Kentucky resident? / Non-Kentucky resident Shelly Duncklee, Residency Officer Admissions & Registrar Office 257-3256

165 How much? * Tuition typically rises about 5-9% each year. 2011-2012 Per Semester FT Rate 2011-2012 PT Per Credit Hour Rate Resident$11,118 $911 Non-Resident $20,228$1,670

166 FallSpringSummer PY1 FT PharmD rate Per Credit Hour PharmD Rate PT 4-credit hour PY2 FT PharmD rate Per Credit Hour PharmD Rate PT 4-credit hour PY3FT PharmD rate See below SummerFallSpring PY4 Full-Time PharmD Rate Full-Time PharmD Rate Per Credit Hour PharmD Rate PT:6-credit hours

167 Schoalrships Enhancement & Professional Impact Academic Excellence Grants – need based.

168 Financial Aid Robin Gray Assistant Director Application and Counselor Coordinator Financial Aid

169 Student Financial Aid Office 127 Funkhouser Building Lexington, KY 40506-0054 859-257-3172 fax: 859-257-4398 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm

170 SFA Counselor Assignments 859-257-3172 extension ###



173 Check financial aid awards and missing items, class schedule, update addresses, set up Direct Deposit, etc.

174 Estimated Cost 2011-2012 IN- STATE OUT-OF-STATE Tuition & Fees $22,236 $40,456 Room & Board $11,460 $11,460 Books & Supplies $900 $900 Travel $700 $700 Personal $2,414 $2,394 Loan Origination $90 $90 TOTAL $37,800 $56,000

175 Types of Loans Federal Perkins – 5% interest, need based, must apply by March 15 priority. Federal Direct Subsidized – 6.8% interest,$8500 per year maximum Federal Direct Unsubsidized – 6.8% interest, $24,500 per year maximum Federal Grad/PLUS – 7.9% interest, may borrow up to costs, must pass credit check

176 Types of Aid Health Profession Loan – must give parents information on FAFSA to be considered. This does not effect consideration for other loans. Must apply by March 15 priority. 5% interest.

177 What to do: Award notification will be emailed in June. Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans of $33,000 will be offered. Accept online. Complete entrance counseling and promissory note at Federal Grad/PLUS – may borrow up to cost. Must go to to apply. Credit check will be done. Sign this promissory note

178 Billing Fall Tuition charges will be emailed July 30. Due date August 22. Bill will reflect any aid accepted. Aid in excess of charges will be given as a refund. You must set up Direct Deposit. This is done on your MyUK > my info


180 Small Group Sessions Students excused to small groups Family & friends remain in Grand Ballroom

181 UK College of Pharmacy Class of 2015 Pre-Professional Day May 20, 2011

182 Student Affairs What we need from you? Documentation for: CPR- must be American Heart Association (not the Red Cross) Physical or Learning Disability

183 Academic and Student Affairs Optional: Health Insurance Locks

184 Academic and Student Affairs What’s coming? Professional Development Workshop August 17 th -19 th White Coat Ceremony Evening of Friday, August 19 th

185 Academic and Student Affairs Account Activation: l

186 Academic and Student Affairs Now what?

187 Group Photo Mr. Karl Lawrence Publications Designer

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