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Freddie Mercury Wiktoria Beata Antoszkow Alba Alarcón García 4 ESO A.

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1 Freddie Mercury Wiktoria Beata Antoszkow Alba Alarcón García 4 ESO A

2 His life and family realationship He was called Farookh Bulsara and he was born on September 5th, 1946 in the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania), placed in the east coast of Africa.

3 Before singing and forming the Queen Band, Mercury joined a series of bands and he sell second hand clothes in Kensington market London. In addition he had a work in London- Heathrow Airport.

4 His parents, Jer and Bomi Bulsara, were forming a marriage of Persian devout origin of the prophet Zoroastro, and they decided to send the child to the India in order that it was receiving a good education.

5 There he stayed to the care of his aunt and uncle and he study in the St. Peter's Boys School, a British education institution placed in Bombay.

6 He began to show interesed in music durning his chilhood. The school principal recomamended him to have piano lessons and freddy also joined the choir of the school.

7 Freddy also showed scenic slicills and took part in several collegiate plays.

8 It returned to Zanzibar in 1962 with his family, but a couple of years later, the Bulsara decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom, to flee of the snap of violence that was suffering the island.

9 About 1966, Freddie was a studient of the Ealing Art School, who was studied to become graphic designer, though his interest for the music had not disappeared.

10 1970 Freddie Mercury began a relation with Mery Austin with the one that was for 7 years, until they broke, but continued with a friendship. In 1985 Mercury it initiated another relation with a barber who was called Jimmi Hutton that in 1990 discovered that it was a carrier of the virus HIV and lived with Mercury last 6 years of life of him.

11 The deterioration of his physical condition was increasingly evident and Mercury was imprisoned in his Kensington's house, spreading increasingly his appearances. It concealed his tragedy even from his own companions of group and only one day before his death announced publicly that from 1986 he was suffering HIV.

12 He died in his bed at seven o'clock of a cold evening of November 24, 1991 as consequence of a pneumonia that it could not overcome.

13 His career From small he liked the music. In addition it touches very well the piano and the guitar.

14 Mercury integrated a series of bands and it was in the habit of selling clothes of the second hand in in London.

15 In April, 1970, Mercury knew, to the guitarist Brian May and the batería Roger Taylor, who before had been in a band called Smile. In spite of the reservations of other members, Mercury chose the name "Queen" for the new band.

16 When it was in queen he touch with the: -g-guitarist Brian May, -t-the batería Roger Taylor and -t-the bassist John Deacon.

17 He record a disc with Montserrat Caballé and a precious song that was the song for the Olympic games of Barcelona of 1992.

18 He record two albums as soloist and fifteen with Queen. Discography with Queen  1973: Queen  1974: Queen II  1974: Sheer Heart Attack  1975: A Night at the Opera  1976: A Day at the Races  1977: News of the World  1978: Jazz  1980: The Game  1980: Flash Gordon  1982: Hot Space  1984: The Works  1986: A Kind of Magic  1989: The Miracle  1991: Innuendo  1995: Made In Heaven Discography solist  1985: Mr. Bad Guy  1988: Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballé)

19 His famous songs are: Bohemian Rhapsody -R-Radio Ga-Ga -W-We Will Rock You -W-We Are The Champions -I-I Want To Break Free -I-Innuendo -S-Somebody to Love -U-Under Pressure -D-Don’t stop me now

20 All these songs are very known and even they them have used for many movies and cartoon as for example: -Small Soldiers (Another one bites the dust) -Wayne´s World (Bohemian Rhapsod) -Happy feet (Somebody to love) -Happy feet Two (Under pressure) -Zombies Party (Don´t Stop Me Now) - The Simpson And many more...

21 But at the same time they have many movies on he and his band Queen as for example: -Flash Gordon -Queen Days of Our Lives -And many documentaries

22 Important City in their live Zanzibar (Tanzania)

23 Powiekrzyc do bambaju


25 The End

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