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Milestone Husky™ – Milestone Interconnect™ Campaign

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1 Milestone Husky™ – Milestone Interconnect™ Campaign

2 Content The campaign offering Who is this relevant for?
The end customer benefits The Milestone Reseller benefits Background information: Millstone Husky™ NVR Series Milestone Interconnect™ Campaign small print

3 The campaign offering Free Milestone Interconnect licenses with the purchase of any Milestone Husky NVR model The number of Interconnect licenses matches the camera channels of the Milestone Husky model’s base configuration Runs until May 31, 2015

4 Who is this relevant for?
The target audience Typical end-customers End-customers’ drivers Any end-customer that wants to protect people and assets across multiple geographical locations Retail chains Banks and financial institutions Businesses with multiple offices and sites Hospitality, leisure and health chains with dispersed facilities Increased security of people and assets Low initial investment cost (CAPEX) Low operational costs (OPEX)

5 Increased security Milestone Interconnect and XProtect Corporate provides an advanced operational overlay: Advanced video surveillance and situational awareness functions can be applied to all edge systems which includes Milestone Husky Handle live and alarm monitoring centrally Perform investigations and handling of evidence material centrally Increase security level as 24x7 monitoring becomes viable

6 Low initial investment cost (CAPEX)
Premium hardware and software integrated in a low-cost solution Customizable, scalable NVR solution Select and customize the NVR unit to be optimized for each site, lowering cost of ownership (TCO) Hybrid versions – reuse of existing analog cameras with flexibility to add IP cameras when needed + Free Milestone Interconnect licenses

7 Low operational costs (OPEX)
Optimized surveillance operations Cover multiple sites with less staff No or minimal local personnel required Reduced staff training costs Optimized systems operations Manage interconnected systems remotely from the central site Detect system problems proactively Reduce the need for costly onsite service visits Minimal system maintenance costs 3 years SUP & hardware support included with the Milestone Husky NVRs

8 The Milestone Reseller benefits
Leverage the competitive advantages Move from box sale to solution sale Unparalleled solution – at a very competitive price Combines flexible and cost-efficient Milestone Husky NVR with the powerful operational overlay based on XProtect Corporate and Milestone Interconnect Less complex and costly than traditional solutions Reduced complexity and installation effort Eliminate unnecessary manual work by using NVRs with pre-installed VMS software Rescue onsite installation time with: Auto camera detection and system configuration Import of default configurations enables fast chain rollouts with similar configuration at each location

9 The Milestone Husky™ Series
Video surveillance your way Performance-optimized, customizable, and scalable network video recorder (NVR) solutions that never compromise on quality.

10 XProtect Professional Embedded
: Model details Base Configuration Milestone Husky™ M10 Milestone Husky™ M30 Milestone Husky™ M50 Form Factor Small, Fanless Workstation 2U Rack Mount Cameras 8 10 / 20 / add-on licenses 10 / 20 / 40 / 80 / add-on licenses Video Storage VMS & O/S Storage 1TB 2TB to 4 TB 32GB mSATA 4TB to 24TB / RAID option VMS software Milestone Arcus™ XProtect Professional Embedded CPU Viewing Clients Hybrid 16 analog / 4 IP 32 analog / 16 IP Key Point: Milestone Husky gives you plenty of options. As you go up the product line, you go up in channels, memory, storage, processing power, and features. Positioning and which markets the NVRs fit in is later in presentation. Pricing Starts at: M10: $1,499 M30: $3,999 M50: $6,499

11 Milestone Husky benefits
Optimal performance Pre-installed with Milestone’s VMS – proven in thousands of installations worldwide Seamless integration of VMS and high-performance hardware Designed, built and tested for reliability and durability Customization and scalability Connect models for cost effectiveness and scalability Use Milestone Interconnect™ to connect models at remote sites to XProtect® Corporate for centralized management Mix camera brands and models Integrate XProtect® add-ons and third-party integrations with Milestone Husky M30 and M50 Choose the number of cameras needed with add-on licensing Simplicity Software preinstalled and automatically activated in hardware Easy set-up in minutes – configuration wizards, automatic license activation and automatic device (i.e. cameras) discovery

12 Milestone Interconnect™
A system concept for cost-efficient central surveillance operation across geographically dispersed sites

13 Milestone Interconnect
Central surveillance site XProtect® Corporate Compatible with all Milestone VMS and NVR products Remote surveillance Remote management Any number Any size Milestone Arcus™ embedded appliances XProtect® Expert XProtect® Corporate XProtect® Essential XProtect® Express XProtect® Professional XProtect® Enterprise Milestone Husky NVR XProtect® NVR

14 Milestone Interconnect Benefits
Headquarter Increased security: 24/7 security – alarm monitoring Reduced operational costs: Centralized system monitoring and administration Centralized evidence handling Reduced need for on-site visits Remote surveillance Remote management Reduced investment: Cost-optimized local system Reduced operational costs: No local system maintenance Reduced need for local personnel and training Remote site Remote site Remote site

15 Milestone Interconnect – How it works
Headquarter Full functionality on interconnected cameras: Seamless access to live and recorded video Event and alarm propagation from the remote system Full support for situational tools: Alarm management, map, bookmarking and XProtect Smart Wall Operate remote security peripherals centrally: Control I/O devices (doors, gates, lights, etc.) Operate audio devices for e.g. announcements Flexible video storage: Store initially in remote system - upload when/if needed Scheduled, event driven or manual upload Bandwidth throttling limits preserves communication resources for critical applications Remote management: Manage remote edge systems as an integral part of the central management interface System alarms from the remote systems enables proactive management Remote surveillance Remote management Remote site

16 Campaign small print The campaign runs November 1, 2014 until May 31, 2015 Registered Milestone Resellers that purchase Milestone Husky NVR units during the campaign period are entitle to acquire the number of Milestone Interconnect licenses corresponding the number of cameras in the base configuration of the Milestone Husky NVR at no additional charge The Milestone Interconnect licenses are redeemed by placing an order on the entitled number of licenses with 100% project discount Redemption orders shall be placed as manual orders with Milestone Inside Sales Redeeming the Milestone Interconnect licenses, the reseller shall provide the XProtect Corporate SLC on which the Milestone Interconnect licenses shall be enabled The campaign offering also includes maximum one year SUP on the Milestone Interconnect licenses: If the XProtect Corporate system, on which the Milestone Interconnect licenses are to be enabled to, is covered by SUP with one year or less remaining coverage, the Milestone Interconnect licenses will be added with SUP and the original SUP expiry date is maintained. If the XProtect Corporate system, on which the Milestone Interconnect licenses are to be enabled to, is covered by a multi-year SUP coverage, the Milestone Interconnect licenses will be added with one years SUP and a new SUP expiry date for the system will be calculated. Interconnect licenses should be redeemed before Sept. 30, 2015, unclaimed licenses will not be credited or refunded The Milestone Interconnect licenses can only be redeemed by Advanced Certified partners, and any rights that a Milestone Reseller earns as a part of this campaign must not be transferred to any other third party The right to redeem the Milestone Interconnect licenses lapses in the event that the Milestone Reseller returns the Milestone Husky NVR unit

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