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6. NOTES. Question 1 How can you compare the heroes in the books to other heroes in the real world?  Wangari Maahtai is the leader and founder of the.

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1 6. NOTES

2 Question 1 How can you compare the heroes in the books to other heroes in the real world?  Wangari Maahtai is the leader and founder of the “green belt” movement, this is a movement to help people in Africa fix up their homes so they can keep living there (“Today’s”).  In the maximum ride book Fang their job is to save the world from these mad scientist but max says “ maybe when they said we had to save the world they meant people, one at a time, to send a message around the word…”(Patterson 5)  The flock goes to Chad, Africa to help give people food and medication they needed.  In both series the characters have special powers or wings.  In the real life stories they don’t have these powers, or special abilities. Though in the article the man in the water Emerson says, “ everything in nature contains all the powers of nature." (Rosenblatt)  In the maximum ride book the angel experiment, max decides to make the decision to help save a girl in trouble just because its in her nature  With any person who wants to help the world or people they first have to make that decision.

3 Question 2 How can you compare the real heroes to celebrities? In each of the articles the people help others by there choice they speak out or in the case with the man in the water, the author wrote “he new he was going to die and he still handed the life line over to the others (Rosenblatt 21).” In the article with wangari, she changed the world because she came up with the green belt movement, she took a chance and helped many people keep their homes and land. Christina in the article “why do we need celebrities” she points out that “ heroes were around way before celebrities”, but we still notice the famous over real heroes (Kelly 18). kelly also points out that did any of the celebrities do anything to redeem humanity (Kelly 19)

4 Question 3 What is the setting of the story and how is it different from our world? The setting in witch and wizard seems to start out like our world normal every day lives, then turns to chaos within days. They maybe set in the future a few years but other than that the world is the same minus the disasters. Whit explains in the second book that in this new world “there are no books, music or fun, everything is ban.(Patterson 1) In the book fire in the witch and wizard series whit say, “we tried to be heros, but after all that has happened, and know my sister is sick and there is no hope.” (Patterson xi) In the maximum ride books the setting is more futuristic not with cars or computers but with the development of science where people are able to become super freaks using science. The world is in danger and the end is near.

5 Question 4 Why is it hard for the heroes to complete their tasks? It is so hard for the heroes to complete these tasks of freeing the world is in witch and wizard they have a horrible world to deal with and of course the one who is the one. In the maximum ride series they are against their creators and the people who are trying to remake the world, the need to help the world gain their freedom at any cost. In the articles like the man in the water, Rosenblatt says that he is “against nature itself” (Rosenblatt 20). With maahatai she has to deal with the struggle of people joining her programs to help and the need of money. She also deals with “the corrupt government that were responsible for much of the deforestation” (“Today’s”).

6 Question 5 What helps or motivates the hero? In many cases the hero in any story is motivated by family or someone they truly love. In real life yes this is definitely a factor but there is also the fact that people just do the right thing because let face it not many people would do the right thing. Though in the angel experiment do to the fact that max is super she does feel it is her duty to help a young girl who is in need of assistance (Patterson 62). In the article of maahtai she seems to be motivated because she wanted to she “ seeks to provide a suitable livelihood for people…” (“Today’s”) With a lot of these people it seems to also be just a quick decision to help some one in need. Skutnik in the article the man in the water say “its something I never thought I’d do.” “somebody had to go into the water.” (Rosenblatt 21)

7 Question 6 what traits do my heroes show that actually portrays them as a hero? In maximum ride they are willing to help even complete strangers like in the book angel when they saved hundreds from a bombing. (Patterson) Whit and Wisty decided that they would fight till the very end to make life normal again for everyone to be free. Max says in the angel experiment that “ what if that girls was in trouble, like angel and no one stopped to help her?” (patterson 62) After a while max decided to make her abilities public to help save everyone from these mad scientist. Whit and wisty’s parents were killed in front of them and they still never backed down, they lost everything and still fought till the end. These heroes would stop at nothing to help save the world.

8 Question 7 what goal does each hero have? With max her goal is to help save the world and hopefully stop the end from coming. Whit and wisty want to restore freedom, bring back movies, books, music, the famous, their normal world. For the man in the water their was no set goal but more of a reaction to help the others. With the pilots and rescue team they only said it was their job (Rosenblatt 21). Maahtai’s goal was simply to help others that had no where to go, she wanted to she wanted to restore peoples home so they had somewhere to go (“Today’s”).

9 Question 8 why do we consider celebrities heroes? In witch and wizard there was celebrities and they were just like the ones we know but then they were band from the world. This really showed who the real heroes were. We look up to celebrities, consider them our heroes but they don’t live up to our definition of a hero. Kelly say in the article why do we need celebrities? that “what has Luke Perry done to redeem humanity? At press times nothing but he is still widely adored.”

10 Question 9 what's the difference between a celebrity “hero” and an actual hero?

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