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Youth Evaluation of Otsego County By: Youth Advisory Comittee.

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1 Youth Evaluation of Otsego County By: Youth Advisory Comittee

2 Who Are We? Our committee contains students ranging from 14- 17 years old from Gaylord High, St. Mary’s, and Johannesburg-Lewiston schools.

3 Benefits of Living in Otsego County The county comes together in times of need to support its residents. The problems in our county are more visible due to its close-knit environment. Youth are more aware of their wants and needs throughout our county than adults.

4 YAC’s Concerns Our county is not as technologically advanced as others. A majority of the youth population lacks incentive to fix the issues in our community. Employment and academic opportunities are lacking, resulting in bad influences spreading faster throughout the youth.

5 Possible Solutions YAC’ers brainstormed some potential solutions for our major concerns. o Technological Advancement More funding dedicated to technological advancement More education centered around current technology Increase interest in the latest technology. o Lack of Interest in Fixing the Community Increase awareness of how youth can change the community Encourage schools to get involved in community issues Raise awareness of what unsolved issues can do to a community

6 Possible Solutions cont. o Lack of Employment and Academic Opportunities Community workshop to teach job interview skills to youth Encourage school faculty to meet individually with students to discuss career options. Have an open, non-judgmental forum sponsored by a faculty member to discuss issues and wants.

7 Sources YAC – Youth Needs Survey 2012 First-hand experiences from the youth representatives in YAC

8 Thank You The Youth Advisory Council would like to thank you for your time and consideration. We appreciate your considering the youth voice in Otsego County.

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