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Blind sea captains and sunken treasure: exploring the NSS through the eyes of ‘Captain Cat’

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1 Blind sea captains and sunken treasure: exploring the NSS through the eyes of ‘Captain Cat’

2 ‘To begin at the beginning…’ Exploring the NSS in art and design. What’s behind the NSS? Research findings. Recommendations and ways forward.

3 ‘The only sea I saw Was the seesaw sea..’ Discuss the NSS in art and design: what are the issues and challenges?

4 ‘……Titbits and topsy turvies, bobs and buttontops’ Course feedback mechanisms Timetabling and course communication systems Orientation to HE study Learning and teaching Assessment and feedback University culture and professional preparation Learning support Value for money

5 ‘clocks with no hands for ever drumming out time without ever knowing what time it is’ “Our timetables are shocking. There is no communication between technicians and academics. We are running with so many timetables that everything clashes.”

6 ‘ Dreams of the deep…’ “There are some students who still expect staff to tell them what to do. I am not sure that the constant tutorials help with this as we become like children by having these tutorials every week. They look at my work and then I make improvements. But I wonder how much was this my work, or the tutor’s?”

7 ‘ Fascinating journeys and secret destinations’ “The staff are passionate about what they are teaching and very enthusiastic. This enthusiasm from the teachers is very infectious, especially when we get constant feedback during the day.” “The professional practice lectures are really good. We have had the opportunity to talk to artists who have given really good advice on how to get studios and how to get your work out there” “You are basically given a framework by the tutors, then it’s up to you to work hard.” “Since year 1, my confidence has really grown. I never thought I’d be able to do a presentation in front of class groups. “

8 ‘Jellyfish slippery’ “We started off turning up at every lecture and presentation, but now we think: why bother? As no one else is.” “We have to rugby tackle tutors. In any creative course, you need the confidence to get help. Those students who don’t are f***ed. “ “Our tutor will say great, love it and then two weeks later, in a formative assessment, one tutor will say love it, the other will say scrap it….It’s all about shaping you for the working world.” “Recently I was at a crit with nine students, four of whom walked out in tears.” “Tutors have this mind-set that if they’re really mean, it will energise you to do better.”

9 ‘ The long drowned ……..’ “We took it all very seriously as we wanted to be sure our message got across, if we wanted to get improvements.” “I’m not sure whether we’re commenting on last year, rather than for all three years. It was not made clear to us. Therefore, I answered most of the questions with this year in mind.”

10 ‘….Salt deep’ “There’s so much work goes into the final pieces, why are we then put into shitty rooms which don’t enhance the work? The organisation was dreadful. The organisation of assessment days is awful.” “It’s a lot of just doing your own work by yourself and in your own time. The tutor’s role is to say it is right/wrong. In that sense it has not been value for money. I am glad I am not paying £9k.” “Overall, I do not think you get enough for your money.”

11 ‘ Knit one slip one Knit two together Pass the slipstitch over...’ Recommendations from UCA: Engage students in regular and iterative dialogue from year one onwards. Discuss ways in which the NSS can feed into broader staff development, including PGCert course. Close the feedback loop by publishing changes made in response to the NSS to level 1 and 2 students. Emphasise the intrinsic value of an arts degree. Encourage discussion in first year around independent learning, contact time and what is meant by feedback. Communicate assessment criteria more clearly in order to relieve pressure on office hours. Foster a personal tutoring‘ culture or create more mentoring opportunities across year groups. Promote awareness to students of the importance of the NSS. Any other suggestions?

12 Want to get involved? If you would like to find out more about our research, or share approaches, please contact Annamarie McKie at the University for the Creative Arts.

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