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1 Struggling Clubs, Let’s talk … Norma Domey, DTM Toastmaster Leadership Academy Montreal, February 13, 2010.

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1 1 Struggling Clubs, Let’s talk … Norma Domey, DTM Toastmaster Leadership Academy Montreal, February 13, 2010

2 2 Struggling Clubs, let’s talk … Bring life back into your club! Have your meetings dwindled down to just 12 or fewer members? Are the meetings boring and the same five people leading? Request a club coach!

3 3 Why clubs want coach?  12 members = club eligible for coach service by Toastmasters International to help struggling clubs added person to help with programming needs is a real plus! present Successful Club Series e.g. Moments of Truth –A) where you stand –B) where you want to be, and how you can get from point A to point B.

4 4 Benefits of a Coach Re-energizes your club Links expectation to strategic issues Enhances teamwork Salvages key contributors Compliance to Commitment

5 5 A Coach will: build rapport observe, recommend solutions help develop plan ensure members implement plan instil enthusiasm & responsibility for the club’s future

6 6 What’s the Difference? “Club climate” refers to the conditions that affect a club’s operations members attitudes willingness of guests to join

7 7 Would the Coach Dictate? No! A resource person Meets with your officers Has brainstorming sessions about membership growth Guides members towards excellence encourage open-mindedness

8 8 Rebuilding Process evaluates club climate: Moments of Truth module next club meeting: facilitates discussion of strengths and weaknesses identified keeps discussion positive & objective encourages honesty commends members for desire to restore club recognizes/praises accomplishments!!!

9 9 COACH - MEMBERSHIP MUSCLE Annual Membership Program Talk Up Toastmasters Smedley Award Beat the Clock!

10 10 Coach Ensures Recognition Post member progress charts every meeting Formally recognize members achieving CC, CL, etc. Post achievements: newsletters & Web site 4

11 11 Reminds Members of Club Mission The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. 5

12 12 Teaches Clubs the DCP meeting 10 goals additional goals strategies for achieving goals resources to accomplish goals assignments, timetables & tracking accomplishments

13 13 Who is the boss? The coach suggests Members decide Members vote on what you want to do Members make the final decisions

14 14 What is the coach’s mission? Help your club achieve Distinguished status – ensuring use of DCP –completing 5 of the 10 goals –adding a net of five new members (July 1 to June 30) –explains DCP to your members

15 15 What’s in it for the coach? developing team-building skills expanding leadership increasing facilitator/negotiator proficiency developing diplomatic dexterity sharing expertise investing in Toastmasters earning credit toward ALS

16 16 Club Coach Program Regulations coach is assigned by district governor ≤ 12 members at time of appointment coaches cannot be members of club at appointment Coaches may become members after appointment Up to 2 coaches may be appointed per club If DCP not reached in 1 st term assignment extended to June 30 of the following year

17 17 Case Studies

18 18 Request a club coach!!! Club Presidents, with 12 members or less in their clubs who would like help from a club coach, should contact : Norma Domey at 613-738-9186(H)/613-998-7356(W) Email :

19 19 People run the club Their understanding of change & their goodwill makes change successful Member engagement at all levels is at the heart of coaching

20 20 Thank You! Norma Domey, DTM Chair, Club Coach Committee 2009-2010 613-998-7356(w)/613-738-9186(h) e-mail:

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