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Your Special Occasion Speech

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1 Your Special Occasion Speech
The Final Speech

2 What is a special occasion speech?
The term special occasion speech encompasses many scenarios and situations. Because of this, you must carefully consider your own personal situation when determining how to craft the speech.

3 What types of speeches are sos?
Eulogy: At a funeral or memorial service… a speech given in memory of someone who has passed away. Do not confuse a eulogy with an elegy, which is a poetic form.

4 Cont. After Dinner Speech: a lighthearted speech that gently ridicules the listeners or comedically exaggerates and spoofs situations familiar to the audience.

5 Cont. A Tribute Speech: Delivered to commemorate or instill admiration for a person or event that the audience is familiar with. These speeches might be delivered at a dedication ceremony, a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, etc.

6 Cont. Inspirational Speeches: special occasion speeches based on policy or value claims. These speeches tend to uplift the morale of an organization. What does the organization want to accomplish? How can you persuade the audience to believe, feel or think the same?

7 Cont. Stump Speech: a political speech, delivered on a campaign tour or a special political occasion. The name stump dates from the early days when politicians stood on tree stumps in the rural country sides and address voters during a campaign.

8 Commencement Speech: Cont.
An address delivered to a graduating class. This speech should commemorate important events of the year or provide inspirational advice. What do you think “commencement” means?

9 Questions to consider…
What is the purpose of the special occasion? What is the purpose of the meeting, event, conference or ceremony? What are the demands and wishes regarding your special occasion speech topics? Are there special requirements related to the singularity of the event?

10 What was the first thing that came into your mind when you were invited?
Were you invited because of your expertise or professional abilities? What do you know about the character and the ambiance of the event and attendees? Why did you accept the honor to be the public speaker? What do you want your public to remember, consider, support or believe in? That's the special purpose of this public speaking assignment, your specific topic statement.

11 Your time for this speech is 3:00-3:30
You still need to organize your speech. It should still have an introduction, a clear body and a conclusion. You must use connectives. You must use some parallel structure. You do NOT need a visual aid, but you are welcome to use one. You must have your note cards and outline to speak. You do not need any sources.

12 Basic Outline: THE INTRODUCTION Wake up interest (use attention getters we learned) State your specific statement. Relate it to your audience. List the main points of the body - your main occasional speech topics. THE BODY List the main special occasional speech topics and construct the successes, pros and cons, values, examples, funny remarks, narratives, anecdotes or insight stories depending on your focus. THE CONCLUSION An amusing general remark, or joke or a toast are in general good public speaking topics and especially last special occasion speech topics.

13 Hand Gestures and Voice
Be sure to use appropriate hand gestures. Write your movements into your note cards. Practice and time your piece. There are still deductions for going over and under on time. There will be much more emphasis on how sincere and natural you sound in this speak. It should be fairly conversational, yet very scripted and rehearsed.

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