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Dietary Supplement. What is LifePak ® ? LifePak ® is a nutritional programme rich in essential and semi-essential micronutrients for supporting health.

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1 Dietary Supplement

2 What is LifePak ® ? LifePak ® is a nutritional programme rich in essential and semi-essential micronutrients for supporting health and wellbeing.

3 3. Completes bone nutrition 4. Promotes healthy immune function 2. Cardiovascular benefits 1. Provides a nutrient supply that contributes to maintaining health LifePak ® Benefits 7 Formulas in 1

4 6.Protects your body against the symptoms of ageing 5.Supports normal blood sugar metabolism 7.Raises your antioxidant defense (continued) LifePak ® Benefits 7 Formulas in 1

5 1. Provides a Nutrient Supply Vitamins and minerals are considered as nutrients and optimal intakes (via food, food supplements) will allow for optimal health. Deficiency syndrome Critical level Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) Optimal nutrient level supported by safety and efficacy studies *Conceptual diagram intended to convey the difference in how RDA and optimal nutrient levels address nutrient deficiencies. Both aim to raise nutrient intake above the critical point (nutrient intake below the critical point leads to deficiency syndromes). However, optimal nutrient levels deliver additional benefits. *

6 2. Cardiovascular Benefits  Homocysteine (B-Vitamins)  Blood Clotting (Calcium) LifePak ® provides nutritional support for other important areas of cardiovascular health with Calcium  Circulation (Flavonoids and B-Vitamins)

7 2. Cardiovascular Benefits 1.Provides nutrition for normal homocystein metabolism (B-Vitamins) 2.Acts as a free radical scavenger, while protecting lipids from oxidative damage (Antioxidants) 3.Maintains the body’s natural inflammatory response (Vitamin D) 4.Supports normal healthy circulation (Flavonoids and B-Vitamins)

8 3. Bone Nutrients Normal Bone Thinning Bone Fragile Bone  Calcium is the primary bone matrix mineral  Magnesium is the second most important bone mineral  Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption  Vitamin K supports osteocalcin dependant bone mineralization LifePak ® provides nutritional support for several important areas of bone health: Under magnification, the structure of bone tissue appears porous. As we age, both genetics and proper nutritional support affect the strength of our bones.

9 Vitamins A and C: Promote cell-mediated immunity. Zinc and Vitamin B12: Immune cells must divide and multiply rapidly to fight against viruses or bacteria. Each time an immune cell divides, its DNA must be replicated. Zinc and vitamin B12 are all essential for DNA synthesis. β-carotene and selenium: Critical to immune function. Your immune system needs optimal nutrition in order to function properly. 4. Promotes Normal Immune Function

10 5. Carbohydrate Metabolism LifePak ® helps the body to remain within its own system of homeostasis and focuses on maintaining a good metabolisation of the ingested/stored carbohydrates. Chromium: – Promotes carbohydrate catabolism by potentiating insulin action. B-Vitamins Zinc insulin chromium glucose transport into cell insulin receptor Energy! LifePak ® nutrients also necessary for optimal carbohydrate metabolism. Chromium enhances the effect of insulin as it binds to the cell surface receptor, thus allowing glucose to enter the cell and be converted to energy.

11 6. Antioxidants Neutralised Free Radicals Each molecule of our body has a specific function. However, that function can be disabled if a free radical steals an electron from the functional molecule. Antioxidants protect functional molecules by giving up extra electrons to neutralise free radicals, thus allowing functional molecules to remain functional. Free radical stabilised by electron donated by the antioxidant Step 1 Step 2 Free radical unstable missing an electron Electron taken from functional molecule e-e- e-e- e-e- e-e- e-e- Functional molecule can no longer perform its function e-e- e-e- e-e- e-e- Antioxidant protects functional molecule by giving up one of its own electrons Functional molecule can continue to perform its function e-e- e-e- e-e- Antioxidant protects functions of molecules

12 Based on the Pharmanex Scanner database,which contains scans from over 5 million individual subjects between 2003 and 2008. Effect of LifePak ® Use on Scanner Scores 7.Raises your Antioxidant Defense Nothing replaces the need for a healthy diet; you should always strive to eat 5 to 9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. But life is hectic and LifePak ® can provide nutritional insurance to assure that you are getting the antioxidant-nutrients you need. 37,164

13 LifePak ® Contains Flavonoids A Full Spectrum of Antioxidants Vitamin E exists in 8 different naturally occurring forms that work synergistically together. Synthetic Vitamin E contains only one form. Buffered Vitamin C is gentler on the stomach and more absorbable than regular ascorbic acid. These 4 minerals are known as antioxidant co-factors, they support the body’s own production of specific intrinsic antioxidants. All 8 forms of natural Vitamin E Buffered Vitamin C Selenium, Copper, Zinc and Manganese 4 Carotenoids Betacarotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Green tea catechins, polyphenols, quercetin, naringenin and hesperidin.

14 Product Usage Take LifePak ® with Marine Omega or Optimum Omega to enhance the absorption of important fat soluble nutrients. Take vitamin/mineral products with meals to improve digestive tolerance.

15 Optimal Nutrient Saturation Studies show that water soluble nutrients are depleted from the blood stream within 8-12 hours of supplementation. For 24-hour antioxidant protection of water soluble antioxidants, it is best to break daily intake into a morning and evening dose. Nutrient levels rise in blood serum after each packet of LifePak ® 7:30 AM 6:30 PM LifePak ® taken only once a day LifePak ® taken twice a day supports optimal saturation throughout the day 7:30 AM6:30 PM Optimal nutrient saturation Conceptual diagrams based on the findings of Navarro (2003) and Levine (1996), which show nutrient deletion from blood stream after 8-12 hours. * * *

16 Key Points – Provides nutritional support to the entire body – Maintains the body’s homeostasis – Provides antioxidant support to cell structures – Selection of superior sources of nutrients Properly working immune system Restful sleep Energy *NSE Market Research Study (Dec.2001) 213 LifePak ® users were asked what differences they noticed after taking LifePak ® for at least three months. The top three most common responses were*:

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