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Wärtsilä - an Introduction Power Plants - minimising carbon emissions Bio-Power

3 Vision Wärtsilä - Power on Land and at Sea
We strive to lead the ship power and distributed power generation markets by providing the most competitive, reliable and environmentally sound solutions. Our world-wide network of professionals translates these solutions into maximum customer satisfaction and value.

4 The Ship power supplier
Wärtsilä supplies ship machinery, propulsion and manoeuvring solutions and maintenance services for all types of marine vessels and offshore applications.

5 Power for a changing world
Wärtsilä delivers power plant solutions from 1 to 300 MW. These power plants are used for baseload, peak load, CHP, gas compression and pumping applications. The range covers gas- and oil fired plants as well as patented combustion technology for renewable energy. Deliveries include turnkey construction and long-term maintenance and operation.

6 Decentralised Power Generation
Cogeneration & baseload gas and bio fuels oil and advanced emulsified fuels

7 Cogeneration Applications
Primary Energy Fuel Energy Conversion Generator Engine Exhaust Gases Cooling circuits Secondary electricity production Energy Distribution Steam Hot Water PROCESSES - drying - heating - after burning - etc. PROCESSES Heating - process heating - district heating - drying - desalination -etc. Electricity consumer Cooling - absorption chiller Energy Consumption Primary Energy : Heavy Fuel Oil => Natural Gas Energy Conversion : Wärtsilä NSD´s engine-generating-sets ranging 0-17 MW Energy Distribution : Basic heat recovery => Hot Water and / or Steam Steam can be used for additional electricity production in a “Combined Cycle” using a steam turbine generator. Energy Consumption : Based upon electricity and heat, where the heat part can be utilized in a number of different ways, i.e. as ; hot water, steam, cold water and fresh water. Cogeneration and Cogeneration Applications 1) Heat Recovery - Hot water production - Steam production - Hot water and steam production 2) Cogeneration Applications - Cold water production by absorption chillers - Fresh water production by sea water desalinators 3) Combined Cycles - Diesel Combined Cycles (DCC) - Feedwater Combined Cycles (FwCC) Electricity Heat

8 Typical Diesel Power Plant Heat Balance
Recoverable Cooling Water Heat % Recoverable Lubricating Oil Heat 4 - 6 % Recoverable Exhaust Gas Heat % Non-Recoverable Heat Energy % Electrical Power % efficiency depending on ; - engine size (larger engine => higher efficiency) - operating conditions - fuel Exhaust Gas Heat % of the fuel input is recoverable as steam and / or hot water. The amount of steam or hot water recovered is mainly depending on the sulphur content of the fuel used. LO and Cooling Water Heat % of the fuel input can be recovered as hot water. The amount of hot water generated is mainly limited by the heat recovery water flow and return temperature. The maximum temperature which is possible to recover is °C. Non-Recoverable Heat. Typically accounts for % of the fuel input. Combined Heat and Power (CHP); Total Efficiency up to 80 % ! Up to 80 % Total Efficiency is Possible Electrical Power %

9 Total efficiency 18V34SG DISTRICT HEATING DENMARK (= 90%)

10 Energy from bio mass Wärtsilä Bio Power Strong growth potential
Acquisition of Sermet with - patented rotating BioGrate product - bio fuel expertise Decentralised bio boilers and power plants.

11 Wärtsilä BioPower Products
Wärtsilä’s BioPower products are based upon patented rotating BioGrate combustion technology, specially suitable for wet biomass such as wood residuals, wood chips, bark and sawdust. The patented BioGrate technology used in Wärtsilä’s BioPower and BioEnergy plants ensures a highly efficient combustion process with many bio fuels, with flue gas emissions below the most stringent limits. The BioGrate technology is especially designed for very wet fuels (up to 65 % moisture) and reliably burns most bio fuels with moisture content above 15 %.

12 Wärtsilä - BioGrateTM Wärtsilä Biopower
BioGrateTM Combustion Technology: Rotating conical grate Several ( ) combustion zones Zone controlled primary air inlet under the grate for complete combustion Fuel feeding from centre bottom which don’t disturb combustion process Under grate wet ash removal Designed for wet fuels up to 65%-w Long lifetime Reliable operation High efficiency combustion Low emissions

13 Today’s Products Wärtsilä Biopower BioGrate - Combustion technology:
Patented combustion system BioEnergy Thermal Plants: Hot water or / and low pressure steam BioEnergy Thermal 3 and 5 MWth Compact BioEnergy Thermal 7, 10, 12, 15, 20 MWth BioPower Plants: BioPower CHP 2 and 5 BioPower Condense 2 and 5

14 BioPower CHP Plant Combined heat and power (CHP) plant increases energy independency and minimises emissions due to the high total efficiency, which may exceed 90%. Electricity is produced in a steam Rankine cycle, which is optimized for generating electricity and thermal energy. BioGrate Steam Turbines Fuel Feedwater Generator District Heating Generator Condenser BioGrate Steam Turbines Fuel Feedwater Process Consumer

15 BioPower Condense Plant
Generator Condenser BioGrate Steam Turbines Fuel Feedwater Main Performance data

16 BioPower and BioEnergy plants
Power plant building Standard steel structure building - very fast to construct. Meets normal western noise requirements inside and outside. Fire protection is according to local norms. A high level of automation enables unmanned operation. Delivery high degree of prefabrication large modules Supervision of installation, a functioning plant process or a complete turn-key installation. The standard steel structure building of the BioPower and BioEnergy plant is very fast to construct and meets normal western noise requirements inside and outside. Fire protection is according to local norms. A high level of automation enables unmanned operation. The plants are delivered in large modules, and due to the high degree of prefabrication, the delivery time is short. Wärtsilä can deliver plant equipment with supervision of installation, a functioning plant process or a complete turn-key installation, depending on customer needs. Customer Benefits Wide fuel range, high moisture content up to 65 % High efficiency and reliability, low operating costs Clean combustion, low emissions Low station internal power consumption Fast and reliable delivery Low investment costs Unmanned operation Independency, local fuel Competitive overall energy costs - fast, reliable and competitive

17 BioPower2 Layout

18 Website:

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