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External & Internal Contingencies HSS 3000/5263 Sport Marketing Dr. Brian Turner.

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1 External & Internal Contingencies HSS 3000/5263 Sport Marketing Dr. Brian Turner

2 External Contingencies Competition –Direct competition –Indirect competition

3 External Contingencies Technology Cultural & social trends Physical environment Political, legal, and regulatory environment Demographic environment Economy

4 Monitoring the External Contingencies External contingencies are dynamic Environmental scanning

5 Internal Contingencies Vision –Where does the organization plan to go from here? –What business do we want to be in? –What customer needs do we want to satisfy? –What capabilities are required for the future?

6 Internal Contingencies Mission –What business are we currently in? –Who are our current customers? –What is the scope of our market? –How do we currently meet the needs of our customers?

7 Mission Statements “At Otterbein College, athletics are supported not for the purpose of training professional athletes, or for advertising the college, but as an educational activity in which participants may learn valuable lessons concerning sportsmanship, and the attainment and maintenance of a superior level of mental and physical health during the collegiate years and beyond.”

8 Mission Statements “The Ohio State University Department of Athletics supports the University mission by providing student athletes with exceptional educational and athletic opportunities. We commit to national leadership, excellence and the highest ethical standards in intercollegiate athletics. We will sustain a strong financial and community base of support by presenting outstanding intercollegiate athletic teams which provide quality entertainment and a positive public identity for the University.”

9 Mission Statements The Green Bay Packers’ mission is to be a dominating force in professional football’s competitive arenas. One the field, the Packers will continually strive to present their fans with the highest level of performance quality available. In their operating activities and relations with the NFL, the Packers will also continually strive for excellence in the quality of work performed.

10 Mission Statements On-field and operating personnel will, at all times, maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in their actions, recognizing that they are all representatives of the Packers franchise and traditions. Overall, the Packers will commit themselves to doing their part in representing the State of Wisconsin with competitiveness, respect, and dignity.

11 Organizational Objectives & Marketing Goals Differences Examples

12 Organizational Strategies Corporate Level Strategy Business Level Strategy Operational Level Strategy Functional Level Strategy

13 Organizational Culture Shared values and assumptions of organizational members that shape an identity and establish preferred behaviors in an organization

14 SWOT Analysis

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