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My Math Lab A New Way to Learn Mathematics George Patton “Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”

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2 My Math Lab A New Way to Learn Mathematics

3 George Patton “Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”

4 ON-Line Learning Student Uses My Math Lab for Homework, and Chapter Tests Student Responsible for Deadlines Attendance Crucial Organized Notebooks Crucial Graphing Calculator Required –TI-84+ or TI 83+ Recommended

5 How to Be Successful 1. Attend Class Every Day 2. Have an Excellent Notebook 3. Watch Deadlines and keep ahead of time schedule 4. Use All Resources Available 5. Keep a Positive Attitude!

6 Success is Not Magic!

7 Attendance Attendance is Crucial for Success! Be On Time – Tardy is the same as an absence. If Absence – Leave message – phone or e-mail


9 Homework - Notebook Take good Notes in Class Organize Notes after class – transcribe material from text as needed including major concepts and Examples. 3-Ring Notebook with dividers Use Colors to emphasize ideas Ongoing process – Notebooks used on Tests


11 Homework Preparation Resources My Math Lab – Videos of Content My Math Lab – Power Point My Math Lab – after unsuccessful try, help is given. Make notes about method to do problem My Math Lab – after 3 tries, ask for a similar problem

12 Resources Study Center – Free Tutoring – walk in or individual - *** Use This!!!! Groups – Form a Study Group Buddy – Have a contact person if you have to be absent Videos – videos (CD’s) in Learning Resource Center (library)

13 Resources Continued Instructor Web Page Power Point Slides How To Study How to Take a Test Power Point Presentations Each Chapter - Overview of Content

14 Computers My Math Lab needs a good Computer with access to internet – high speed best. Have a Back Up Plan and a Back up to the Back Up Plan In case personal computer goes bad. RCC – Library – Labs – Public Library


16 Excuses Saying that the computer went bad is NO EXCUSE!. Saying that you waited too late is NO EXCUSE!. Saying you forgot the deadline is NO EXCUSE!. The Only Excuse is having died and been reincarnated. (Does not happen often.)


18 Homework - Doing Have all Resources Available Have Calculator, Textbook Have Notebook that is updated Have pencil and paper – Do all those problems that need to be worked out completely with pencil and paper – then record the answer on my math lab If Incorrect – make notes in notebook

19 Homework – Special Notes Homework can be tried unlimited times. One can start homework and go back to a problem set. My Math Lab keeps track of your homework grade Be Very Careful in Entering Answers READ INSTRUCTIONS

20 Homework Best Score Counts Strive to be ahead of Deadlines Never settle for less than 70% Strive for 90% or better Instructor can see how much time you use

21 Homework difficulties If one has a problem that is one you absolutely cannot do, make a hard copy of the problem and take it to the Study Center or the Instructor


23 Contacting Instructor If e-mailing instructor – be specific – give your entire name, give your course and section number (or time) Be specific on problem – The Instructor cannot change what is a correct answer in My Math Lab.


25 Common Homework Errors Using a decimal instead of a fraction Rounding to different amounts that requested. Be careful of parentheses Use the math palate that comes with My Math Lab Double Check answer before submitting

26 Chapter Test Preparation Do the Homework for the chapter sections discussed and assigned. Strive to reach 90% or better on homework. 70% is the absolute minimum one should accept. Less than that and the test will be very unsatisfactory grade wise.

27 Study Plan - Practice Tests All Chapter Tests have a practice test Tests that count are the “A” tests Practice tests are the “B” tests Take the B test – then use the Study Plan and that will show you where you are weak and provide problems to practice on these specific problems.

28 Study Plan - Continued Those students who consistently use the Study Plan could add 2% to their overall grade. This can make a major difference in borderline cases (between an A or B)


30 Chapter Test Continued - Time You are allowed 180 minutes for the chapter test on My Math Lab. Most students range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Do not start and leave the computer for any length of time – after 180 minutes you will be shut out by My Math Lab.

31 Chapter Test – Continued - Retakes You are allowed to retake the test as many times as you desire until Deadline! Doing a retake will not better a grade unless more studying is done. BEST Score Counts on tests Strive to have at least a 70% or better on chapter tests.

32 Grading Percents will be announced Homework is ___% of grade Tests are ___% of grade The Final exam and other items are __% of the grade.

33 Success is Within Your Reach You Can Pass this Class ! Attend – Organize Notebook Do Homework – above 70% Do Tests – above 70%

34 Mathematics Help Help is available in Study Center Help is available in Class Help is available from the Instructor Help is available on My Math Lab –Power points –Videos – Practice Tests – Study Plan –How to do homework Problems

35 Major Points to Success View Class as a To Do List! Attendance is Crucial Stay Ahead of Deadlines Get Help whenever You Need It.Need Use All your Resources.


37 “Build up your weaknesses until they become your strengths.” Knute Rockne – Notre Dame football coach


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