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Chapter 19 Section 5 Global Peacemaker.

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1 Chapter 19 Section 5 Global Peacemaker

2 Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson’s plans to restore peace to the world
1st 5 dealt with what he believed caused the war 6-13 deal with boundary changes 14 is the League of Nations

3 Describe 3 of Wilson’s 14 Points
No secret treaties Removal of trade barriers Reduction of military forces Freedom of seas Right of self-determination

4 Self-Determination People of a nation have the freedom to make decisions about their own future For example, what kind of government they will have

5 How did the Allies both encourage and discourage self-determination in Europe?
They encouraged it by giving independence to some countries Discouraged it by disregarding the wishes of other countries The Allies were very inconsistent in their application of self-determination

6 List the 9 new nations that were created in Europe following WWI.
Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Czechoslovakia Austria Hungary Yugoslavia

7 Spoils Rewards of War Wilson claimed that the U.S. was not interested in spoils European nations were Britain and France wanted to take anything they could get from Germany and its allies Italy and Japan were also very interested in spoils

8 League of Nations International peacekeeping organization
Rather that going to war, it was thought that this organization would allow countries to diplomatically solve their problems The idea was proposed by Woodrow Wilson

9 Reparation Payment for economic injury suffered during the war
It was decided that Germany owed the Allied $33billion No way Germany could repay this Germany humiliated They would not forget this

10 Why did France and Britain demand reparations from Germany?
To punish and humiliate Germany for its role in the war

11 Treaty of Versailles The treaty that ended the war with Germany
Very harsh treaty Limited Germany to 100,000 soldiers No heavy artillery No submarines No air force Lost all colonies Lost 25% of territory

12 Treaty of Versailles Article 231 forced Germany to accept all responsibility for the war

13 Why did the 14 Points fail as a basis of peace negotiations?
The 14 points did not serve the desired of the other Allies Britain and France wanted to cripple Germany by taking its territory and demanding reparations Not interested in peace as equals

14 Why did many American oppose the League of Nations?
The League of Nations made many Americans concerned about American independence and whether or not the Monroe Doctrine would remain in effect

15 How did the United States eventually make peace with Germany?
The Senate approved a separate peace treaty in 1921 The U.S. never signed the Treaty of Versailles or joined the League of Nations

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