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Administrative Entry Plan

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1 Administrative Entry Plan
Robert Salladino, Jr., Ed.D. Candidate for the Position of Principal Owen J. Roberts High School

2 Robert Salladino, Jr., Ed.D.
Fourteen Years in Public Education Assistant Principal (1999 – Present) Abington Junior High School Abington School District Mathematics Teacher ( ) Bala Cynwyd Middle School Lower Merion School District

3 Robert Salladino, Jr., Ed.D.
Doctor of Education Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Immaculata University, 2004 Master of Education Cabrini College, 1997 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Cabrini College, 1993 Bachelor of Arts in History

4 Creating a Shared Vision
Meet with All Stakeholders to Develop a Shared Vision for Owen J. Roberts High School that Reflects Current Needs and Realities Students, Parents, Teachers, Central Administrators, School Board Members, & Community Members What is Excellent about Owen J. Roberts High School? What Aspects of the School Require Attention and Improvement? Focus on Continuous Improvement - “From Good to Great”

5 Advancing the Shared Vision
Create a School Advisory Team Members of the School Advisory Team Will Lead Action Teams Whose Purpose will be to Study, Research, Discuss, and Advise the School Community in Several Key Areas: Data Professional Development Assessment School Climate & Student Behavior Student Support Services Technology Parent Involvement

6 Student Achievement Foster a Culture Where Data are Used to Plan Instruction and Intervention Utilize Getting Results Framework to identify “Root Causes” and to Outline Specific Strategies for Intervention and Improvement Utilize Multiple Measures of Assessment, Including Formative Assessment

7 Student Achievement continued…
Promote a Rigorous Program of Instruction for All Students Examine Tracking/Levels, Inclusion of Special Education Students Examine Support Services to Maximize Student Success Review Structure of the Master Schedule Extended Learning Opportunities

8 Student Achievement continued…
Cultivate a Professional Learning Community Professional Development is a Professional Responsibility Focus on Professional Development that is “Job Embedded” Provide Teachers with the Opportunity to Collaborate with Colleagues Rely on Action Teams as a Mechanism for Teachers to Talk Collaboratively about Teaching and Learning and to Develop Plans to Increase Learning and Achievement

9 Student Achievement continued…
Instructional Supervision Focus on Continuous Improvement Differentiated Based Upon Level of Need and/or Experience Create Climate of Trust and Mutual Respect Provide Opportunities for Colleagues to Observe One Another “In-Action” Encourage Instruction that is Differentiated

10 Climate and Student Behavior
Foster a Learning Environment that is Personalized for the Students Advisory or Mentor Program – Every Student Needs an Advocate Interdisciplinary Team in the 9th Grade for “At-Risk” Students Implement Program of Ongoing Remediation to Reduce Summer School/Retention/Drop-out Rate

11 Climate and Student Behavior continued…
Foster Student Pride and Commitment for the School and Community Service Opportunities When Addressing Student Behavior… Use Data to Identify Target Behaviors and “Hot Spots” Focus on Clear Rules and Expectations that are Taught and Consistently Reinforced Utilize Restorative Practices Identify Ways to Reward Appropriate Behavior Re-examine Consequences to Ensure that they are Effective in Changing Student Behavior

12 Climate and Student Behavior continued…
Review Emergency Management Plan The Safety of Students and Staff is the Top Priority The Plans for Emergency Situations Must Be… Current Known and Understood by All Members of the School Community Practiced/Drilled

13 Parent Involvement & Engagement
Cultivate a Culture of Parent Involvement and Engagement that Often Does Not Exist at the Secondary Level Improve Methods of Communication Between Home and School Conduct Regular Parenting Workshops that are Facilitated by School Staff Access the Skills, Talents, & Resources of Parents and Community Members Provide Regular Forums for Parents to Offer Feedback and to be Involved in the Realization of the School’s Vision Create Opportunities to Welcome New or Prospective Students and Their Families into Our School

14 Robert Salladino, Jr., Ed.D.
Strengths Strong Commitment to Students & Their Success Solid Academic Credentials Fourteen Years of Experience in Two High-Performing School Districts Outstanding Work Ethic Excellent Communication & Personal Skills Experienced with Using Data to Make Decisions and To Raise Student Achievement Dedicated to Ongoing Professional Development for the Entire School Community

15 Robert Salladino, Jr., Ed.D.
Professional References Dr. Amy F. Sichel, Superintendent of Schools Abington School District Mr. Neal J. McCarthy, Principal Abington Junior High School Mr. Charles W. Lentz, Assistant Principal Dr. Mark Pellico, Chairperson for Guidance Services Mrs. Sherrie Gabage, Teacher

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