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Role of Government in Sustainable Disaster Recovery Matt Campbell, National Coordinator Community Planning and Capacity Building Federal Emergency Management.

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1 Role of Government in Sustainable Disaster Recovery Matt Campbell, National Coordinator Community Planning and Capacity Building Federal Emergency Management Agency

2 2 National Disaster Recovery Framework – Lessons from prior recovery efforts – Resilience and Sustainability: Seize opportunities for strengthening and improvements in communities – Presidential directive – Importance of recovery to return of healthy communities – Recognition of the broad issues, partners and stakeholders in recovery

3 3 Recovery Phases

4 4 NDRF Key Concepts &Principles Recovery Support Functions Leadership and Local Primacy Pre and Post Disaster Recovery Planning Sustainability and Resilience

5 5 Recovery Support Functions Key NDRF Concept:

6 6 Community Planning and Capacity Building RSF CPCB Mission To support and build recovery capacities and community planning resources of local, state, territorial, and tribal governments needed to effectively plan for, manage, and implement disaster recovery activities. Federal Partners Corporation for National and Community Service Department of Agriculture Department of Commerce Department of Education Department of Energy Department of Health and Human Services Department of Homeland Security Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of the Interior Department of Justice Department of Transportation Department of the Treasury Environmental Protection Agency General Services Administration Small Business Administration U.S. Access Board U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 6

7 7 Local Disaster Recovery Managers Tribal/State Disaster Recovery Coordinator Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinator Key NDRF Concept: Leadership

8 8 Leadership and Local Primacy 8 Local and Tribal governments have primary responsibility for the recovery of their communities and play the lead role in planning for and managing all aspects of community recovery.

9 9 What role does the community play in disaster recovery Who is the “community”? – Whole-community What do we mean by resilience? What/who is leadership?

10 10 Factors of a Successful Local Recovery Effective Decision-making and Coordination. Integration of Community Recovery Planning Processes. Well-managed Recovery. Proactive Community Engagement, Public Participation and Public Awareness. Well-administered Financial Acquisition. Organizational Flexibility. Resilient Rebuilding. 10

11 11 Local government Planning Land-use, zoning, moratoriums Policy Regulation Investment and foster economic development Tax Base Grants

12 12 Key NDRF Concept - Sustainability NDRF Sustainability – recovery should address “..strengthening the health and human services, social fabric, educational system, environmental sustainability, cultural resources and economic vitality — serves to enhance the overall resiliency of the entire community as the recovery progresses. “

13 13 Hazard Mitigation Physical resilience If we aren’t reducing or avoiding the physical risk during rebuilding, we are missing the primary sustainability opportunity SAFE DEVELOPMENT = SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Federal, state, local policy importance Operationalize local government mitigation in the recovery period

14 14 Sustainability in Recovery Major reinvestment opportunities across all sectors Public receptive to changes Local recovery process and planning – Local Government key – Foundation begins with a well led, organized, planned and managed effort – Inclusive, building long term support Build leadership, build processes, build partners, build support and ownership among government and community

15 15 Key NDRF Concept: Pre & Post Planning Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Local Government – Defined organization and leadership – Key policies and actions – Address capacity needs – Agree on a post event planning process

16 16 Key NDRF Concept: Pre & Post Planning Post-Disaster Local Government – Implement pre-event plan – Leadership, all sectors – Communications, inclusion, partnerships – Implement a planning process Organized Adaptability = Resilience – Apply and adapt policy – Local Disaster Recovery Management

17 17 Federal and State Government An organized state Established policies Need for state and federal agencies to support local planning and management of recovery Leverage various sustainability and mitigation initiatives Partner with NGO/Professional Associations

18 18 Experiences Greensburg Louisiana – Isaac Colorado Hurricane Sandy – Sandy Task Force – NY

19 19 New York, Sandy NY Rising – “Recovery from Yesterday, Plan for Tomorrow” CPCB RSF Priorities: Institutional and staffing capability, community financial capacity, resource sharing, community planning, building abandonment, land-use/pop shift, Sustainable community principles Smart Growth Working Group -Address future growth outside hazard areas. EPA, FEMA, NY DOS, MTA, Suffolk Co. Renewable energy and critical infrastructure workgroup FEMA, EDA, NREL, NY Energy Research and Dev Authority, CDBG

20 20 What can you do now? Use guidance in the NDRF Support/leverage role of state & local government Build partnerships/networks Establish resilience, mitigation and sustainability as policy objectives for recovery Support/build recovery planning and integrate recovery process with other planning at state and local level, especially mitigation planning Reach out to CPCB Regional Coordinator

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