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Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program An Overview.

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1 Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program An Overview

2 Tribal SASP: Purpose To provide direct intervention services and related assistance to victims of sexual violence and others collaterally affected Direct victims of sexual violence at any age, including children, youth, adult, and seniors  Assault could have happened recently or many years ago. There is no time limit. Those collaterally affected including significant others, family, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Perpetrators of sexual violence can NOT be served with Tribal SASP funds.

3 Tribal SASP: Services Direct intervention and related assistance includes:  Crisis intervention; hotline; advocacy services; accompaniment (to hospital, criminal/civil legal process, other social services agencies, etc.); support groups; individual short term counseling (up to 1 year); traditional methods of healing; other services as appropriate.

4 Tribal SASP: Unallowable Activities Criminal justice related activities  Forensic Nurse programs or paying for a sexual assault exam; writing of criminal code, paying for law enforcement officers or prosecutors; etc. Prevention Efforts Training

5 Tribal SASP: Outreach While prevention is NOT allowable, it is OK to conduct community outreach. Outreach is focused on making the community aware of available sexual assault services provided by the particular agency.  Advertising services and contact information; a booth at a community event, etc.

6 Tribal SASP: Training Allowable: training that is directly related to enhancing the sexual assault services agency staff (who are supported by SASP dollars) to provide better direct services to victims. Unallowable: training of other professionals/organizations who may encounter a sexual assault survivor.

7 Questions Please contact Melissa Schmisek if you have any questions about the Tribal SASP Grant Program  Direct line: 202-305-1271 

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