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Sedimentary Rocks, Fossils and Fossil Fuels

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1 Sedimentary Rocks, Fossils and Fossil Fuels

2 What do we know about… Igneous Rocks Metamorphic Rocks

3 What kind of rocks are these?
The Rock Cycle Igneous Rocks = rocks that have melted and cooled. Metamorphic Rocks = rocks formed under heat and pressure inside the earth. What kind of rocks are these?

4 What does sedimentary rock formation look like?

5 How are sedimentary rocks formed?
Water and wind erode the earths surface. The particles created by erosion settle on top of one another. Minerals in water act as cement to bond the particles together.

6 Draw an example of a fossil fuel…

7 What is a fossil fuel? Fossils – The remains of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock. Fuel – can be used as an energy source.

8 What do fossil deposits look like?

9 How is natural gas, oil and coal created?
Oil Formation (made from dead sea organisms) Coal Formation (made from dead plant material) Oil and Natural Gas Formation (Gas is often found where oil is found.)

10 Are fossil fuels renewable or non-renewable? Why???
Fossil fuels are NON-RENEWABLE!!! They take MILLIONS of years to form. Need time, heat, and pressure. Plants and small animals (often aquatic) are buried and, due to heat and pressure and lots of time, the water is squeezed out of them. The result is fossil fuels.

11 What are fossil fuels used for?

12 What are fossils? Fossils are remains left behind by plants and/or animals.

13 How can fossils be used as clues to what was happening at the time they were deposited?
Fish and shell fossils in our area tell us that this area was once under water.

14 For the quiz… You need to be able to draw the model you made in the Weekly 5 Station. (playdough) Make sure you can label which layer is youngest and oldest.

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