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Social Structure Review

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1 Social Structure Review
Chapter 3

2 Round 1:Name the Society
Main form of food production involves collecting wild plants and hunting wild animals This type of society live a nomadic life and move herds to different pastures Much of the economy is involved in providing information and services Animals are the primary source of power to pull plows and till fields; Amish Education and technology equality and democracy are emphasized in this type of society

3 Name the Society Urbanization occurs in this society
The kikuyu grow bananas and maize on small plots of land where the farming is all done by hand The Enawene Nawe are a small isolated group known for their fishing techniques This type of society is centered on production of goods with machinery The Berber migrate following the natural cycle of grazing to seek shelter and water

4 Round 3:Name the Group This type of group has structure, rules, goals, and activities that are clearly defined A circle of friends is an example of this type of group that does not have clearly defined goals or structure Any group with whom individuals identify and whose values and attitudes they adopt Group a person belongs to and identifies with that has 3 characteristics: symbols, positively views themselves and competes with other groups Group where people interact (gossip, flirt, play games, share information) regularly on the Internet: Face book, MySpace Bonus: (100)Includes all the relationships a person has formed by face to face interactions and web interactions know the features of a group: more than 2, interaction, and shared expectations

5 Round 4:Roles and Statuses
Status that plays the greatest role in shaping a person’s life Socially determined behaviors expected of a person performing a role Assigned status based on qualities beyond a person’s control like race, gender, age Process which people go through to detach from a role that has been central to their identity: Divorce When fulfilling roles of one status makes it difficult to perform expectations of another status: employee stay home to take care of sick child

6 Round 5:Social Interaction
Term to describe people working together to accomplish a goal that will benefit more than one Compromise, truce and mediation are all examples of this form of communication where there is a balance between competition and cooperation Occurs when two or more people oppose each other to achieve a goal that only one can attain Deliberate attempt to oppose someone Most common form of communication when people interact to receive a reward or return for their actions

7 Round 6: Chapter 3 Hodge Podge
Concentration of population in cities – movement to cities The action of doing something for someone after that person had something for you Term for different roles attached to a single status Group with statuses and roles that are organized to satisfy one or more basic needs of a society Believes that people are motivated by self-interests and receiving rewards in return for their interactions with others Bonus: (100)Network of interrelated statuses and roles that guide behavior People in a group who influence the attitudes and opinions of others Smallest group possible is called what? / or how many?

8 To Know Ascribed vs. Achieved Status
Role Performance vs. Role Expectation

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