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Confidence Building The Beginnings

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1 Confidence Building The Beginnings
Presenters: Lin and Celia Session Plan: Introductions: Ice Breaker Aspects of Confidence: Various Activities Boosting Confidence: A Few Tips Conclusion

2 Introductions Ice Breaker
Activity - In pairs Chat to your partner so as to learn a few things about them. What things? Name, Age, Interests, Family, What they’d like to get from these sessions????? Using what you learnt about your partner introduce them to the group.

3 Aspects of Confidence Activity (In Pairs) What is CONFIDENCE?
Can you come up with a definition? What does the word confidence mean to you?

4 Confidence Is? A state of mind Comes from feelings of well being
Links to our: Acceptance of self Self Esteem Feelings about self Impacts on what we think we can do What actions we take in life

5 Confidence and You (& Me)
Activity Think about yourself for a minute or two Give yourself a confidence rating of 1-10 1 means totally under 10 means totally over What do you think my rating is? Keep these to yourself for now

6 Confidence Building Let’s look at 3 aspects of confidence:
Confidence is all about how you see yourself, how you behave and how others see you. Let’s look at 3 aspects of confidence: Under Comfortably Over Confident Confident Confident

7 Confidence Building Activity
In pairs - Make a list, under each heading, of the attributes of someone displaying that level of confidence: For example: Under Confident: Afraid to take on new challenges Try to identify at least 3 things under each heading

8 Under Confident??? Feel you can’t do things Feel uncomfortable
Intimidated by others Have difficulty communicating Don’t like stating views Don’t feel good enough Put off doing things Give up easily Don’t actually appreciate what you can do

9 Comfortably Confident???
Get on with things Overcome difficulties Communicate well with others Happy to face new challenges Often look good

10 Over Confident Un-realistic view of self or situations
Undertakes things that can’t actually do Big headed and arrogant Often annoy others

11 Confidence Isn’t Static
It changes with respect to: Situations People Personal strengths / weaknesses Sources of help Describe a situation where you were comfortably confident and why? Now describe the opposite

12 Boosting Levels of Confidence
Activity (Alone or in Pairs) If you were asked to produce a self help guide to confidence building what SIMPLE tips might you suggest? A simple tip is something that you can do without anyone else being involved. For example: wear something you like

13 Possibilities – Confidence Tips
Do at least one thing you enjoy every day Get involved in something Set yourself a challenge Do something you’ve been putting off Don’t compare yourself with others Don’t worry about making mistakes Compliment yourself

14 …..Tips continued Compliment others Spend time with friends Keep fit
Help someone else Think positively about yourself

15 Thinking Back What was your initial confidence rating? What is it now?
Has it improved? Why? OR Why Not? What do you think my rating was? Why?

16 Thinking Forward Think positively: Be active:
I can do it, I will do it Be active: Nothing happens if you do nothing Think about your strengths: We all have something offer

17 Concluding - Final Activity
Will you? Identify one positive thing that you will do between now and next week to boost your confidence. And of course DO IT!!!!!!!

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