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Immigration when people move from one country to another.

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1 Immigration when people move from one country to another

2 Pull Factors conditions that attract immigrants to a new area

3 Push Factors conditions that drive people to leave their homes

4 Old Immigrants Irish, English, Germans, Scandinavians From Northern & Western Europe

5 New Immigrants Italians, Poles, Greeks, Russians, Hungarians, Chinese Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Philippinos From Eastern and Southern Europe and Asia.

6 Ellis Island New York Harbor, receiving station for immigrants

7 Persecution to annoy or harass someone

8 Pogroms Organized attacks on Russian Jewish villages

9 Cultural Diversity different cultures respecting each other’s differences

10 Assimilation The process of becoming part of another culture

11 “Melting Pot” a place where many nationalities living together and gradually blend into one community

12 Urbanization Movement of population from farms into cities

13 Tenements buildings divided into small apartments

14 Nativist wanted to limit immigration and preserve the country for native-born white Protestants

15 Chinese Exclusion Act Passed 1882; no Chinese laborer could enter US, if already here and left, could not return

16 Ethnic Groups group of people who share a common culture

17 Yellow Journalism sensational reporting like scandals, crime stories and gossip

18 Settlement Houses community center that offers services to the poor

19 Realist writers who tried to show the harsh side of life as it was

20 Salvation Army 1865 created by William Booth; spread Christian teachings, offered food and shelter to the poor

21 Vaudeville variety show with comedians, song and dance routines and acrobats

22 Ragtime new kind of music with a lively, rhythmic sound

23 Steerage airless rooms below deck on ships

24 American Protection 1887 formed by nativists who wanted

25 Association laws to restrict immigration

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