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Running an Education-Based Athletic Program

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1 Running an Education-Based Athletic Program
Dr. David Hoch, CMAA Director of Athletics (retired) April 15, 2011

2 Just what is Education-Based Athletics?
Philosophical concept promoted by NFHS/NIAAA Student-centered approach Educational, Life-long values Opportunities to grow & develop

3 School or Athletic Department Mission Statement
What is stated in your document? Often a disconnect between statements & practicality/reality May need to educate administration, parents & community (of course you have to buy-in first)

4 Athletic Mission Statement
…to create an environment that maximizes student participation, supports academic progress and promotes physical and social development. It is expected that all participants display competitive spirit, outstanding sportsmanship and exemplary character through the year. Penncrest HS (PA)

5 Another Example of Mission Statement
…will provide a wide variety of athletic opportunities that will aid in the overall development of our students. Participation in athletics will provide students with significant opportunity to become involved with other students and their coaches in an educational experience that takes place outside their classroom. Loveland HS (OH)

6 Hiring the ‘Right’ Coach is a good Starting Point - not Isolated Effort
Intertwined with mentoring …and evaluation An individual who fits into (values) education-based philosophy It isn’t all about winning If I hire an individual …I have an obligation to help them improve and grow (from grad class in 1981; made huge impression upon me!)

7 Winning is not Everything?
Life-long values & qualities are more important outcomes Perseverance, leadership, teamwork Sportsmanship, citizenship, respect … all fall into formula AND coaches have direct contact & influence athletes Many talk about these values – does your hiring reflect them?

8 What about Winning? Coaches should plan, prepare & have players strive to win Winning based upon formula: 60-65% athletic ability 20-25% coaching 10-20% lack of injuries, realistic schedule, weather & luck Do you hire for winning? Or Education-Based Athletics?

9 You should want Coaches who are:
Positive and encouraging Nurturing A teacher …not restricted to classroom - of lifelong values A role model These qualities should guide your hiring; basis for mentoring AND basis for evaluation process

10 Locating Quality Coaches
Teachers within building Teachers at middle schools But key word is ‘Quality’ What is best for the athletes and program? Who best fits your desired profile/ qualities for Education-based athletics?

11 Interview Questions to Reveal Fit for Education-Based Program:
Give 1 or 2 examples of how you dealt with a sportsmanship issue on your team. …or Provide the candidate with an actual situation that occurred & ask how they would handle it Be straight-forward & ask where winning fits into the equation of high school sports

12 Additional Interview Questions …
Why do you want to coach? …And a variation would be, why do you want to coach at our school? Answer better involve: Helping young people grow & develop! What is a ‘Teachable Moment’ and give me an example that you used with your team?

13 What is Mentoring Coaches for Education-based Athletics?
Guiding Teaching Inspiring Prodding Leading Molding Encouraging Praising …and more …

14 Mentoring not just for New Coaches!!!
Obviously inexperienced coaches – a lot to learn Athletics – like life – constant developments, change All coaches need to grow Help, mold them into Education-based coaches

15 Topics for Teachable Moments within Mentoring of Coaches:
Hazing Communication skills Dealing with parents Athletes & the Internet Media protocols How to nurture athletes Encouraging academics Dealing with parents Positive motivation College recruiting Dealing with parents …get the idea that this is important? …And others

16 One plea with Mentoring Coaches in Education-based Athletics!!!
Be strong for your coaching staff Some parents (and administrators) don’t understand that there is more than winning – other outcomes are also important Help / protect your coaches Give them strategies for dealing with these pressures!!!

17 Hiring & Mentoring Ties-in with Evaluation in Education-based Athletics
W-L record should have no bearing Litmus test: Are your athletes having a good experience, learning & representing school in exemplary fashion? Hire for these qualities; mentor for these qualities & base your evaluation on these qualities

18 Hire & Mentor based upon same desired Qualities / Goals of your Program
What’s important to your program? What type of coach do you want? Someone who buys into Education-based Athletics Qualities: Teacher, positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, role model … This is also what you evaluate

19 Part the Coach plays in your Program:
Prepare athletes with sound instruction – can evaluate this Provide positive encouragement – can evaluate this Teach life-long values and skills – can evaluate this Promotes academics – can evaluate this Role model – can evaluate this

20 Beyond Winning – how do we measure Success? Some Benchmarks:
The participation rate of program – great barometer Number of coaches who earned NFHS certification Number of coaching courses taken; clinics attended Athletic Director’s certification – CAA; CMAA

21 Additional Benchmarks:
Number of athletes who earned Minds in Motion, or etc. Teams involved in community service Sportsmanship awards – may be a little difficult to ascertain Stability of coaching staff Others?

22 How do you Recognize Success?
Nothing wrong with championship banners, but what else? Sign board recognizing nationally certified coaches Announce Minds in Motion Award winners

23 Additional Recognition of Success
Publicize community service efforts on website Post participation rate in newsletters; website Be creative & look for ways to market the educational benefits of your program

24 Do you run an Education-based Athletic Program?
Easy to say that you believe in Education-based athletics … Actions speak louder than words The welfare & development of student-athletes has to be paramount It is much more than wins!

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