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Learning for Life and Work…..

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1 Learning for Life and Work…..

2 EMPLOYABILITY…… Work in the Local & Global Economy Career Management
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

3 WORK in the Local & Global Economy…..
Types of work? Range of jobs in local area? Changes in employment trends? Local impact of the global market How does technology affect life and work? How does employer deal with issues in the workplace? How is environmental change affecting work/work practices? How can work places contribute to the community?

4 Career Management… Assess personal skills/achievements/ areas of interest; Set targets for self-improvement; ‘Career’ – several job changes in one’s working life; Personal Career Planning; Presentation & Self-Marketing skills; Familiar & Unfamiliar Jobs Careers Guidance

5 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship..
Skills & Attributes of an Entrepreneur; Demonstrate enterprising; Importance of enterprise and creativity in today’s workplace; What makes an entrepreneur?; Demonstrate initiative & creativity; How business play a part in the life of the community and how this impacts on your career planning.

6 Learning Outcomes: Understand employability issues; Think critically;
Think flexibly; Solve Problems; Make Informed Decisions; Be creative and show initiative; Work with others Demonstrate Self-Management Communicate effectively to audiences

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