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1 Features and Related Products You Might Not Be Using

2 KeySearch ™ in West attorney-editors have created intuitive named topics and subtopics that are arranged alphabetically. Links to popular subtopics are listed below each main topic for quick retrieval. Open successive levels of the KeySearch hierarchy by Clicking the Browse icon ( ) until you find the subtopic you want to search. After you have reached the desired subtopic, click on the Search icon ( ) to access a search page. KeySearch

3 Notice that your KeySearch path is displayed at the top of the page so it is easy to keep track of how you got to this subtopic. KeySearch has generated a query based on the Key Number System but the query also contains other terms so that unreported cases and secondary materials can also be retrieved.. You can choose to run your search in reported or unreported cases or in secondary sources. You can also add your own terms to further customize the KeySearch query.

4 Use KeySearch when you –are unfamiliar with an area of the law –are unfamiliar with the Key Number System –need to retrieve unreported cases or secondary-source documents as well as reported cases

5 The Links for tab in The Links for tab in the left frame of a displayed document serves as a checklist to expedite, verify and expand your research. It is especially valuable in statutory research.

6 The Table of Contents service for statutes and regulations allows you to view a statute or regulation in the context of the entire hierarchy of the statutory or regulatory code. You can jump to an individual section at any time. The Table of Contents opens at the section that was displayed. TOC 11 USCA 524

7 Other valuable links on a statute’s Links for tab include links to: –KeyCite Information for the statute –Historical Version of the statute –Section Outline of statutes –Notes of Decisions appended to statute –Analytical Materials that discuss statute –Legislative History of the the statute –Key Numbers relevant to statute

8 Other features Documents in Sequence allows you to browse the statutes or regulations surrounding a statute or regulation as if you were paging through the print version of these materials. Access Documents in Sequence through the Tools link at the bottom of the right frame. Tools Documents in Sequence

9 When you use the Documents in Sequence feature, Docs in Seq arrows replace the term arrows. You are now viewing 11 USCA 524; click the right arrow to 11 display USCA 525; click the left arrow to display 11 USCA 523. Docs in Seq

10 Other features Star Paging allows you to locate a specific print page within a case when you have been given an internal citation. Tools Access Star Paging under the Tools link at the bottom of the right frame. 499 N.W.2d 512 Star Page Star Page Request

11 Page 514 Star Page Request

12 Research Trail The Research Trail feature automatically creates a record of tasks you complete during a research session. You can click an item in the Research Trail to return to that information. Research Trails are automatically saved for 14 days. You can download, print, or e-mail a trail summary. Research Trail Access from any page by clicking the Research Trail link.

13 My Westlaw Jurisdiction, Practice Area, and Other Tab Pages Access from any page by clicking My Westlaw. You can select up to six jurisdictional, practice-area, or other specialized tabbed pages. My Westlaw

14 Select the box next to the name of each page you want to add as a tabbed page. Click Next to see a list of the tabbed pages you have chosen. Click Save. You can add or remove tabbed pages at any time. Save  Next

15 Each tab page is a template of databases and services relating to a jurisdiction or area of law. You can enter a query and choose a database from the tabbed page. You can customize the tabbed page by clicking the Edit links. Edit Bankruptcy tab page

16 WestClip ® allows you to stay up-to-date on legal issues without spending unnecessary time online by periodically and automatically delivering the results of a pre-entered search to the destination of your choice. Related Products WestCheck ® software and automatically extract citations from a word-processing document and run them in KeyCite to determine whether they are good law and/or to retrieve a list of cases and secondary sources citing the document. WestCiteLink ® automatically creates links from citations in a word-processing document to the documents on Westlaw. Both WestCheck and WestCiteLink can be downloaded from

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