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Dress for Success: Your Guide to Looking Sharp Dusty Gibson Kristin Boyd.

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1 Dress for Success: Your Guide to Looking Sharp Dusty Gibson Kristin Boyd

2 BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL FOR WOMEN Matching suit jacket and knee length (or longer) skirt or pants Conservative colors, (i.e. navy, black, gray) Long sleeve or short sleeve blouses Dress shoes or dress boots with long skirts or pants only

3 BUSINESS ATTIRE FOR WOMEN Business knee-length dresses with suit jacket Suit jacket and pressed pants (do not have to be of the same set) Blouses Third piece Dress shoes or dress boots with long skirts or pants only

4 BUSINESS CASUAL FOR WOMEN Pressed khakis or slacks Knee-length or longer dresses/skirts Sweater sets Long or short sleeve blouses Non-athletic socks and shoes Dress shoes, heels, or boots

5 INTERVIEW ATTIRE FOR WOMEN Suits: –Color: Navy, gray, cobalt blue, and black –Length of skirt: below the knee Blouse: –Best fabrics: Silk, cotton, or rayon –Color: Neutral nothing overwhelming –Modest cut Shoes: –Match your suit, no contrasting tones –Color: Black or navy –Style: Closed toe pump with small heel (no more than 2 inches) Accessories –Neutral hose –Belt and purse match shoes –Jewelry: subtle do not want to draw attention to anyone thing

6 Business Professional - Men Invest in your Suit; SPEND SOME MONEY –Quality is cheap in the long run –Get it tailored, make sure it fits (sleeves not too long, pants not too high or too long) Nothing Flashy (Try Dark Navy or Charcoal) –Don’t try to send a fashion statement Single Breasted is better than Double Breasted 2 or 3 buttons (always leave bottom button unbuttoned) Cheap accessories can ruin an expensive suit

7 Business Attire A mix between business casual and business professional Wear slacks and a blazer/sport coat Nice collared shirt underneath but no tie is required Dress Shoes

8 Business Casual Wide range of business casual for men Casual End: Pressed khakis and a polo-style shirt Nice End: Dress slacks and a long sleeve button down Shirts must have a collar Cannot wear athletic shoes or socks

9 Casual Casual for Guys and Gals Doesn’t mean that you can show up wearing anything you want Remember that you are still portraying an image of yourself Don’t try out the newest fashion trends Don’t overdress

10 Shoes & Ties & Belts The color of your belt & shoes must match I suggest shoes with laces (Black will go with everything) Shoes can make or break the suit, buy some high quality shoes that shine Polish your shoes Socks need to be long enough to cover your leg when your legs are crossed Belts can be of medium quality as long as they look good A cheap tie can ruin a suit Make sure your tie is conservative, no crazy designs or logos of your favorite cartoon characters

11 Recruiting Tips from the Pros Drinking during recruiting? –Don’t Experiment! –It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink, just relax and be social Facial Hair - be conservative Piercings –Take them out

12 Interview Tips Wear your suit and jacket unless specified otherwise Wear dress shoes Conservative tie Bring something to take notes with and a pen Have a strategy and know what events/activities you want to talk about You want the job, so know how to take control –Ask questions, make them talk

13 Interviewing Tips Research your company Know your resume inside out Practice with your friends if you have trouble with interviewing Prepare answers for your weaknesses Get to the Career Center 15 minutes early and give yourself a pep talk Firm handshake, eye contact, and a smile show confidence Analyze your interviewer and shine Ask unique, educated questions, do not ask about salary

14 More Hints Attend all the events you can possibly go to, you can’t beat the free food! Don’t eliminate a firm until either you have an offer or they eliminate you, go into each event with an open mind Enjoy yourself, talk to several company representatives at each event Build relationships

15 Where we will be interning Dusty –KPMG Dallas Kristin –KPMG Houston

16 Other Possible Career Options Investment Banking Energy Trading Management Consulting Financial Services Industry

17 Questions? Ask Now or Regret it Later

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