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Managing Stress for your Heart’s Sake Lesson 4. What Causes You Stress?

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1 Managing Stress for your Heart’s Sake Lesson 4

2 What Causes You Stress?

3 Behavioral Symptoms  Can’t relax  Can’t concentrate  Can’t make decisions  Can’t sleep  Can’t be flexible  Can’t adapt to change  Overindulge  Change eating habits  Lose sense of humor

4 Relationship Symptoms  Over competitiveness  Break down in communication  Strained relationships  Marital dissatisfaction  Parent-child conflicts  Verbal or physical abuse

5 Emotional Symptoms  Irritability  Constant worry  Exhaustion  Burn-out  Impatience  Frustration  Depression  Angry Blowups  Uncontrollable emotions  Cold shoulder, rejection  Low self-esteem

6 Physical Symptoms Sweating hands and feet Clenched teeth Aching neck and shoulders Rapidly beating heart Churning stomach Rising blood pressure Shortness of breath

7 Stress May Play a Significant Role in More Serious Health Conditions Migraine Headaches Peptic Ulcers Asthma Allergies Rheumatoid Arthritis Kidney Disease Thyroid Disease Control of Diabetes High Blood Pressure Cancer Coronary Heart Disease

8 How do you know when you are experiencing too much stress?

9 “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Mark Twain

10 The way you choose to deal with life’s curve balls can greatly impact your body’s response to stress.

11 Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Ancient Chinese proverb

12 Stress Busters Do something physical Leave the situation to calm yourself Breathe Share your troubles with a friend you trust and respect Write in a journal Read from an inspirational source Take a cold shower or a hot bath Eat nutritious foods Get plenty of rest Catch negative stress as soon as possible Laugh often!

13 Simplify Your Life Start the day right Declutter your space Learn to say “no” Turn off the TV Commit to Yourself Find a sanctuary Limit relationships with negative people Live beneath your means Simplify your expectations Delegate Ask for help

14 Take a stress break!

15 Steps to Tackling Major Stress Choose a major stressor Ask, “How do I react to this stressor?” Ways I can control this stressor: - Control events - Control attitudes - Control behaviors - Other people that can help me solve this problem - Develop a plan

16 If you feel overwhelmed by stress, you may need to seek professional help.

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