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LIGHT ILLUMINATED!. Properties of Waves trough crest.

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2 Properties of Waves trough crest

3 Properties of Waves Wavelength (length/cycle) Wavelength: the length of one complete cycle trough crest

4 Properties of Waves Wavelength (length/cycle) Amplitude: 1/2 height between trough and crest Amplitude trough crest

5 Properties of Waves Wavelength (length/cycle) Frequency: the number of wavelengths that pass a point in a unit of time. (The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency) Amplitude trough crest

6 The Particle-Wave Theory Photon – a bundle of energy A particle (photon) travels in a straight line in a wave-like fashion. Light is an electromagnetic wave. It is a transverse wave. The electric field is perpendicular to the magnetic field. All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed. The speed of light: 300 million m/s or 186,300 mi/s.


8 Electromagnetic waves are characterized by their wavelength

9 Violet Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Gamma rays X-rays Ultraviolet rays Infrared Radio waves Small wavelength 10 -12 m Medium wavelength Large wavelength 100m-1000m

10 Refraction: Bending of waves due to a change in speed. - The longer the wavelength, the less it bends White light has all the colors!

11 Prisms Source: A Prism is triangular object that separates white light into the spectrum colors. The white light is bent once it enters the prism, and the prism bends the different wavelengths of the white light. Out come the colors of the spectrum. The longer the wavelength (red) the less that it is bent, the shorter the wavelength (violet) the greater it is bent. Prisms are used for many different things: Spectra Scopes and Binoculars. Isaac Newton was the first to show that “When a second prism brings the different colors together again, white light is once more obtained.”

12 When light strikes an object, it is either transmitted, reflected, or absorbed. We see what is reflected. reflectedtransmittedabsorbed

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