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Dental X-ray Machine 118 Radiology.

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1 Dental X-ray Machine 118 Radiology

2 Component Parts The Dental x-ray machine consists of 3 visible component parts: The Control Panel The Extension Arm The Tubehead

3 Control Panels Older style Newer Design

4 The Control Panel The Control Panel contains:
On-off switch and an indicator light The exposure button and an indicator light Control devices to regulate the x-ray beam Time setting kVp setting mA setting

5 Miliamperage and Kilovoltage
Miliamperage = MA controls number of electrons produced at tungsten filament quantity 7-15 are average dental x-ray unit mA numbers Kilovoltage = kV controls penetrating power of electrons and x-ray quality how fast they travel from cathode to anode creates contrast on resulting film image usually 70 or 90 kVp kilovoltage power

6 Extension Arm

7 Extension Arm Hollow, holds electrical wires connecting tubehead with control panel Used to position tubehead Tubehead attached to arm by yoke, which can be moved 360 degrees horizontally Folds up when not in use

8 Tubehead Houses the x-ray tube
Made of metal; lined with lead to prevent radiation leakage Filled with oil to absorb heat which is generated during x-ray production


10 X-ray Tube Made of glass 6” long x 1 ½” diameter
Air is removed to create vacuum to allow electrons to flow freely between cathode and anode


12 Cathode Negative end of tube
Tungsten filament gets hot when electricity is sent to tube Creates electron cloud Focusing cup: Keeps electrons suspended at cathode When exposure button is pushed, electrons shoot across tube to anode

13 Anode Postive end of tube Tunsten target
Electrons strike target and product x-rays 99% get absorbed by oil 1% exits the tube at the area towards the patient Center of this beam of x-rays is called the Central Ray


15 PID Position indicating device Lead lined
Aims x-ray beam at film in pt mouth OR at extra oral cassette Open end placed against pt face 8,12,16 inches long

16 Filter Aluminum disc at port where the PID is connected to the Tubehead Removes (absorbs) low-energy, long wavelength x-rays Only allows high energy, short wave length x-rays to pas through Both kinds of x-rays are absorbed by the pt’s tissues; only the short wave length , high energy x-rays create image on film

17 Collimator Metal disc (lead) with small opening in center to control size and shape of x-ray beam Further reduces pt exposure 2 ¾” diameter; round shape and size Also available in rectangular shape which exactly fits #2 film size exposes over ½ less tissue with rectangular collimator

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