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Excuse me Sir, what time is it? It’s too late, sorry.

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2 Excuse me Sir, what time is it? It’s too late, sorry

3 Wake up Get up Have / Take a shower Brush your teeth Comb your hairHave breakfast Make the bed Take / caught the bus Walk to school

4 Have lunch Study Set the table Do / wash the dishes Do your homework Do aerobics Play the piano

5 Surf the internet Set the alarm clock Brush your hair

6 WHAT TIME IS IT ? Organize the messages according to the time they have to do their different chores. Steve: Please remember to take the trash out at 7.00 and do your homework. Love, Mom. Lisa, Please feed the dogs at 7.30 Love, Mom. Honey, Remember we go to the movies tonight See you at home at 7.45 Be ready ! Mom. Steve & Lisa, Don’t forget to pick up Simon at 7.15 from his piano lessons. Love Mom 3 2 41 Listen to the different times from the family’s messages. Match them with the correct clock. 2 13 4 1.- It’s seven o’clock 2.- It’s a quarter past seven 3.- It’s a half past seven 4.- It’s a quarter to eight

7 MOVIES The Chinese movie festival is on Wednesday at 7 p.m. May 23rd PHOTOGRAPHY The photography exhibition opens on Monday at 8 p.m. May 21st Friday, May 18 th, 2008 MUSIC Come to the open air concert On Sunday at 12 p.m. May 20th CONTESTS Come to the rap contest on Thursday at 6 p.m. May 24th CULTURE Come to this traditional arts and crafts market on Saturday. All day. May 26th MUSEUMS Don’t forget the tour of the Museum of Modern Art. This is on Tuesday at 8 p.m. FOOD Enjoy the regional food festival this Friday at 8 p.m. May 25th ??? When do we use at ?When do we use on ?

8 OR It is ten o’clock It is seven o’clock It’s a quarter past ten It’s ten fifteen It’s a half past seven It’s seven thirty It’s a quarter to four It’s three forty-five It’s ten past nine It’s fifteen to four It’s nine-ten

9 It’s twelve p.m. It’s midnight It’s twelve a.m. It’s midday It’s noon It’s five minutes past two It’s ten to nine It’s seven o’clock sharp It’s twelve fifty-five It’s five to one It’s twenty past four It’s four twenty It’s ten twenty-five

10 Jane: Why don’t we go to the concert ? Kim: What time ____ ____ ? Jane: It’s _____ 8 p.m. Kim: Is it _____ Friday ? Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s ______ Saturday. February 21___ Kim; OK, let’s go. Harry: Let’s go to the rap contest, Bob. Bobby: ______ time is it ? Harry: ____ 3.00 _________. Bobby: When ____ ____ ? Harry: It’s ______ Sunday. February 22____. Bobby: Sorry Harry, I have to play soccer _______ 3.30 It’s ______________________ It’s _____________________ It’s ____________________ a.m. It’s _____________________ It’s ______________________ is it at on st What It’so'clock ís it on nd at ten to nine eight fifty a quarter past ten ten fifteen a quarter to four three forty-five twenty past four four twenty seven o'clock noon midday twelve o'clock a half past seven seven thirty

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