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Initiating Partnering Opportunities for Small Business.

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1 Initiating Partnering Opportunities for Small Business

2 Purpose Identify 3 Different Types of Partnering Agreements and their Benefits Determine How to Locate Opportunities Determine How to initiate partnering relationships Identify Tools for successful partnering Provide Helpful Guidance

3 Benefits and Challenges Type BenefitsChallenges Subcontracting New Opportunities Past Performance Not Always Required Learn from others expertise Break into new markets Mentor Protégé Identifying Primes Getting Credit for Work Second Hand Payments Growing into Prime Teaming Both serve as Prime Vendors usually decide terms One solution but separate pay Break into new markets Learn from others Deciding who leads Agreeing on Process Knowing the rules for each kind of teaming Bad association is possible (if partner performs poorly) Joint Venture Joint Past Performance Limited Partnership Prep Process Provides better positioning Sharing cost Shared Resources Limited Partnership Time and Effort Upfront and Future Cost Extensive rules regarding “Affiliation” for various SDB’s, 8(a)’s, SDVOSB’s, etc Legal and Accounting Support recommended

4 Locate Partnering Opportunities Industry Matchmaking Events – Both government and private industry host Government and Commercial Industry Days – focus on your specific area of business Small Business Conferences – Often includes matchmaking Follow Websites, Social Media and Newsletters Show support for other small business groups and actively participate in events that celebrate their achievements.

5 Locate Partnering Opportunities Select Reputable Business Development Database Services Review Awarded Contractors on Fedbizopps Reach out to GSA MAS contractors through the Schedules eLibrary Database – Large businesses have a subcontracting requirements

6 11 Easy Steps to Initiate New and Lasting Partnerships 1.Introduce - Use every opportunity to meet new potential partners 2.Exchange Information – Never leave home without your business cards and a pen 3.Go to breakfast/lunch/dinner– Set up a time within the first two weeks 4.Go to other things together– meet at events of mutual interest 5.Determine value add – both sides should benefit from the partnership

7 11 Easy Steps to Initiate New and Lasting Partnerships 1.Propose a collaboration – Once you find an opportunity invite them to the table 2.Develop the terms/promises – If both sides see the potential, determine the rules to the game 3.Sign an agreement/contract – put everything in writing 4.Begin the Journey – work hard and enjoy the success 5.Implement short and long term goals – Determine if there is a real future and if so, make plans of attack 6.Check in often to make sure both sides are experiencing success– re-evaluate the partnership every 6 months to a year to make sure you continue to grow and prosper.

8 Partnership Value-Add Checklist (plan to assess in at least the first 2-3 meetings) Positive Reputations Successful Contracts Accessible Location (services more than products) Appealing Niche Certifications Memberships Past Performance Steady Growth

9 Tools for Successful Partnering Social Media – join special groups looking for the same kind of business opportunities Subcontracting Registry Sources- – Most Federal Agencies have an updated directory – Many large business have registration for their directory Prime Contractor list – Most Federal Agencies have an updated directory

10 Tools for Successful Partnering Small Business Incubators – Designed to support small business by providing business support and other helpful resources OSDBU – Every Federal Agency has one. – Consulting, Project information Mentor Protégé Programs (GSA, DOD, SBA, etc.) – Bringing business together – Sharing knowledge and opportunities – Give and Take

11 Helpful Guidance Put everything in writing – Consider Rotating Prime Representation Length of Commitment Terms and Conditions for Exiting the Partnership Track FBO for Government Trends – Sustainability – Women Owned Small Business Set-Asides

12 Helpful Guidance Look for Synopsis without a Solicitation – Build with Government Rep – Learn about Agency Goals – Support the development of the procurement Develop social connections with potential partners Consider providing samples of your capabilities through small projects Be prepared to sum up your capabilities and past performance in less than a minute.

13 SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Christy Jackiewicz Outreach Program Manager General Services Administration Office of Small Business Utilization 1-855-OSBUGSA

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