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UNRESTRICTED Infrastructure Assessment as Viewed by Technology Holders IAEA Technical Meeting December 10-12, 2008 R. Godden.

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1 UNRESTRICTED Infrastructure Assessment as Viewed by Technology Holders IAEA Technical Meeting December 10-12, 2008 R. Godden

2 UNRESTRICTED 2 Infrastructure Assessment Outline From technology holders perspective what assessments are completed prior to decision to participate in bid invitation How can technology holders help and support a NEPIO and its process to ensure a successful bid process How can overall risks be lowered

3 UNRESTRICTED 3 Infrastructure Assessment Project Risks Infrastructure Completion –Technology –Regulatory –Supply Chain –Construction Operation Market

4 UNRESTRICTED 4 Phases for Decision National Position Safety Management Funding Legislative Safeguards Functions of an NEPIO in Phases 1 and 2 Regulatory Grid and Site Facilities Resources Stakeholder Environmental Emergency Planning Security & Physical Fuel Cycle Waste Industrial Procurement Radiation Protection

5 UNRESTRICTED 5 Infrastructure Assessment National Position There should be confidence in the market for the vendors and the investors/lenders Government commitment to safe, secure and peaceful implementation Public consultative process underway NEPIO established with clear charter and adequate funding and resources Bilateral agreements in place with vendor countries

6 UNRESTRICTED 6 Infrastructure Assessment Safety Evidence that international safety standards are well accepted Training process for regulators, operators and specialists are well defined Local laws and programs are support the health and safety of workers during the construction phase

7 UNRESTRICTED 7 Infrastructure Assessment Management The Bid process is managed by experienced personnel Clear description of how the bid is to be evaluated –Country specific requirements –Technology assessment –Financial, legal, and commercial aspects There should be adequate time allowed for vendors to submit comprehensive bids

8 UNRESTRICTED 8 Infrastructure Assessment Funding and Financing Funding model of the project is very important to vendors, lenders and investors Upfront assessment of the ability of the owner to finance the NPP –Financing of foreign content –Local financing requirements –Export credits –Need for Sovereign Guarantees

9 UNRESTRICTED 9 Infrastructure Assessment Legislative All relevant legislative requirements have been adopted Nuclear Law is in place Legislation pertaining to nuclear power program in place: –Intellectual Property protection –Use of local land for site –Foreign investment –Taxation –If needed, financial guarantees

10 UNRESTRICTED 10 Infrastructure Assessment Regulatory Establishment of regulatory framework Use of qualified personnel through consultants, other nuclear regulatory bodies and international organizations Vendors and lenders/investors need to clearly see that the licensing process is well defined and achievable Delays in regulatory/licensing process may add to overall cost of project

11 UNRESTRICTED 11 Start of Process Staffing Can use consultants “Regulatory Readiness”In-Service Fully staffed Regulatory Organization Regulatory Staffing

12 UNRESTRICTED 12 Infrastructure Assessment Grid The size of the grid and the and the expected additional capacity should be understood Any required enhancements agreed by owner/government Grid specifications need to clearly included in the Bid Site and Supporting Facilities All siting requirements have been assessed and any political, legal or public acceptance issues can be resolved Clear delineation of responsibility for access, security, local infrastructure are outlined in Bid document

13 UNRESTRICTED 13 Infrastructure Assessment Human Resources Plans that address adequate staffing and training for all areas including regulatory, bid preparation and assessment, support during construction phase and operations and maintenance Legislation and programs that support the health and safety of workers during construction, commissioning and operations Environmental Protection Environmental Impact Assessment completed. Vendors must understand environmental sensitivities during construction phase

14 UNRESTRICTED 14 Infrastructure Assessment Industrial Involvement The upfront assessment of the local capacity to support implementation especially in the construction area Use of local resources will lower overall cost of implementation More economical to purchase a technology that can be aligned with local resources rather than a “black box” approach Procurement/local supply of equipment and materials Selected vendor can assist with development of Quality Assurance and Control process and evaluation of local resources

15 UNRESTRICTED 15 Infrastructure Assessment Procurement The team should be experienced and qualified to evaluate the bids and should have good knowledge of: –Technology Assessment –Financing model is important to vendors. Who takes risk? –Schedules and delivery times –Transportation, insurance, taxes and customs –Commercial terms and conditions Upfront discussions with lenders, vendors and other international bid evaluation teams can help this process

16 UNRESTRICTED 16 Infrastructure Assessment Summary Vendors will assess that key issues have been addressed such as: –Political and government support is present –Funding of the project is defined –Clear regulatory environment is present –Environmental and Safety programs are in place –Commercial terms and conditions are clear –Technology assessment criteria is established –Local infrastructure including construction sources have been assessed Vendors can work with an NEPIO and other support areas in the early phase to ensure these issues are addressed

17 UNRESTRICTED 17 NEPIO Activity Defines and mitigates risk Pre-Project Pre-Construction Construction Permit Construction In-Service Project Phases


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