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ECS Wildlife Enforcement Program Canadian Bar Association & Department of Justice Conference October, 2003.

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1 ECS Wildlife Enforcement Program Canadian Bar Association & Department of Justice Conference October, 2003

2 Canada Wildlife Act (CWA) Migratory Birds Convention Act 1994 (MBCA) Species at Risk Act (SARA) Wild Animals and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (WAPPRIITA) Mandated Legislation

3 To ensure compliance with Environment Canada’s wildlife laws. Law enforcement is an effective tool that contributes to the achievement of environmental, economic and social objectives. Enforcement complements a variety of other government strategies and initiatives. ECS Enforcement Mandate

4 Means to ensure legal compliance are vital for protecting natural resources. Strategies must be law-based, fair, predictable and consistently-applied. Collaboration by all who affect, manage, and benefit from natural resources is key. Public involvement in compliance is both desired and necessary. WE Program Principles

5 Rational, comprehensible laws, Understanding of non-compliance, Accurate & timely information, Fair and meaningful sanctions, Broad-based public support, Good science, Trained, equipped & motivated staff, Productive partnerships. Prerequisites to Compliance

6 Promote compliance with targeted sectors, Gather and analyze intelligence, Inspect and patrol, Investigate and prosecute, Coordinate with partners, Represent Canada at international fora (eg. NAWEG, CITES, Interpol, WCO), and Develop strategies to deal with emerging issues. Activities of the WE Program

7 Wildlife Law Enforcement Relationships Federal Departments Organized Crime (Solicitor General, PCO, DND, CISIS, Immigration,) Inspection, Investigation, Intelligence (Customs, DFAIT, RCMP, F&O, Parks, CFIA) Provincial Agencies Wildlife: 10 provinces and 3 territories Pollution: 10 provinces and 3 territories Foreign Authorities Ongoing relations (USFWS, USDA, USEPA, PROFEPA, UK and French Customs, Netherlands-Belgium-Hong Kong- China- Police) Case specific (many European, African and Asian Countries including Pacific Islands) ECS Relationships Regular contact: (Migratory Birds, Communications, Endangered Species, CITES Management Authorities, Permit office, Protected Areas, Legislation and regulations) Sporadic (Laboratories, Water, Biodiversity) EPS Relationships National Programs Directorate, Communications, Briefing unit, and All programs related to pollution law enforcement ECS Enforcement Program International Relationships Para-Governmental: (Interpol, CITES, NAWEG, WCO, IAFWA, ) Non-Governmental: (Traffic Europe, Traffic East Asia,Traffic North America, Safari Club, IUCN, HSUS, WWF, WTMC) Domestic Relations Ongoing: TRAFFIC, DU Emerging: Industry, Aboriginal groups, other ENGOs, Research.

8 How do we collaborate? Sharing the work Exchanging information Coordinating activities Training Joint Forces Operations Supporting activities

9 Some Trends Relevant to WE Increasingly organized & international crime Substantial profits linked to illegal activities Aboriginal issues & involvement Pressure by NGOs for increased role Decrease in Canadian hunters Increased importance of incidental kill issues Corporate accountability to the public Emergence of ecological security issues.

10 Setting Priorities Updated annually, priorities for wildlife enforcement activities respond to: – wildlife conservation goals (science), – international commitments, – public opinion and complaints, and – intelligence program results.

11 Operation Bearnet Initial information from the US FWS and 22 months of investigation resulted in: –60 Warrants served concurrently, –200 officers involved, –Major infractions of both provincial and federal wildlife laws, including…

12 Operation Bearnet (Cont’d) –27 federal charges laid under WAPPRIITA, for Poaching and Interprovincial Transport of Bear galls. –59 charges laid by provincial authorities. –one Criminal Code charge laid for an unregistered prohibited firearm, including unsafe storage of firearm and ammunition.

13 Operation Bearnet (cont’d) Several Forces were involved: –Canadian Wildlife Service –La Société de la faune et des parcs du Québec –Toronto Police Services –Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) –Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

14 ECS Wildlife Enforcement Program MERCI! THANK YOU!

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