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Careers in Wildlife Management WORKING ON THE WILD SIDE.

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1 Careers in Wildlife Management WORKING ON THE WILD SIDE


3 Colorado Division of Wildlife State agency Created in 1897 Funded by license sales, GOCO, Federal Aid, Non-Game check-off 675+ Employees Offices and hatcheries located throughout Colorado

4 The mission of the Colorado Division of Wildlife is to perpetuate the wildlife resources of the state and provide people the opportunity to enjoy them.

5 Entry-Level Field Positions Property Technician Hatchery Technician District Wildlife Manager (Game Warden) Aquatic, Habitat or Terrestrial Biologist

6 Minimum Qualifications A Bachelor’s Degree in... Biology Environmental Science Fish & Wildlife Biology Zoology Wildlife Management Natural Resource Management Substitute Experience for Education

7 Working for the Division of Wildlife Education Public speaking Writing skills Conflict resolution Customer service Some long hours Government pay

8 Hatchery Technician Fish Production Fish Rearing Fish Stocking Water Quality Maintaining Facilities

9 Property Technician Habitat management - protect, enhance and develop DOW properties Enforce laws and regulations Wildlife management Public interaction

10 District Wildlife Manager Public interaction Wildlife & fish management Enforce laws and regulations Education Environmental Impact Assessments Wildlife inventories

11 DWM - Law Enforcement Level I Peace Officer Enforce wildlife statutes and regulations Check hunters and fishermen - licenses, bag limits, compliance Collect harvest data

12 DWM - Land Use Comments Submit recommendations to state, counties and cities Recommend on what would be best for wildlife Work with the planners

13 DWM - Wildlife Management Inventory and monitoring Fish spawns/stocking Nuisance and injured wildlife Capture injured animals Habitat improvements Emergency actions Trapping and relocating

14 DWM - Nuisance Wildlife Educate about wildlife Help with preventive tools Protect the animals and the people from negative encounters Trap and move animals

15 DWM - Public Interactions Work with the public on problems/ideas Hunting and fishing contacts Landowner relations Government agency relations Land Use Comments

16 DWM - Education School groups –wildlife biology –firearms safety –outdoor skills Hunter Education –assist where needed –teach the whole thing Clubs and Groups –usually current events and issues

17 Aquatic, Habitat, Terrestrial Biologist Data collection Analysis and planning Evaluation of species and ecosystem Inventory populations Land-use issues Work with public to improve habitat

18 Terrestrial Biologist Inventory –Counts –Banding/Tagging –Radio Collars –Hunter Surveys Population management –Hunting seasons –Trap/relocate –Research

19 Wildlife Inventory Count population numbers for: –elk, deer, bighorn sheep, waterfowl, etc. Count from the ground Count from the air –planes and helicopters Use information for: –population status –license numbers

20 Population Management Hunting seasons: Recommend license numbers, dates, special regulations Supplement populations: Trap/relocate, introductions Research How to accomplish objectives

21 Aquatic Biologist Manage for better fishing opportunities Sample populations: –size, health, composition Stock fish: –lakes, rivers, etc. Spawn taking operations Other research

22 Habitat Biologist Work with others to protect and improve habitat Comment on federal and other agency plans Projects to improve habitat –plantings –fire –artificial structures

23 Other Wildlife Jobs Federal Agencies US Geological Survey –Research US Fish and Wildlife Service –Law Enforcement –Endangered Species –National Wildlife Refuges US Forest Service –Forest, district biologists –Experiment Stations – research –Regional offices Bureau of Land Management –Field biologists Bureau of Reclamation EPA

24 Other Wildlife Jobs Private Non-profit Organizations –Land Management –Public Advocacy Private Companies –Biological Consulting Firms –Engineering Firms –Land Management –Commercial Parks or Preserves

25 How to Prepare for a Career in Wildlife Biology High school - science, natural resources, language arts College - wildlife, fishery, natural resources major Volunteer opportunities Internships/work-study Meet agency personnel

26 Volunteer Opportunities



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