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College of Engineering

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1 College of Engineering
Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan Associate Dean – Undergraduate Studies UNT College of Engineering

2 An Engineering Perspective
Bottlenecks in the Pipeline: Identifying data needed for success of STEM Transfer Students An Engineering Perspective

3 Objective Identification of potential ‘problem’ areas:
Advising in community colleges Core complete vs Math ready? Lack of university advising presence in community colleges Lack of perceived empathy from 4 year institutions Lack of bridges or pipeline infrastructure Pave the way for ‘efficient’ transfer from 2-year to 4-year institutions Student success is the key to retention Create avenues for student success Sustain the process

4 Outline Introduction to UNT College of Engineering
Transfer advising and recruiting New appointments Participation in statewide articulation efforts Emulating successful models Scholarships, peer tutoring, LLC Summer research Building bridges Introduction to engineering Conclusion

5 The College of Engineering
Fall 2011 553,000 square feet 70 Full Time T/TT Faculty 13 Full Time Lecturers Approx students 5 Departments Located within UNT Discovery Park (290 acres)

6 Degree Programs BA Information Technology BS Computer Science
BS Computer Engineering BS Electrical Engineering BS Mechanical Engineering BS Materials Science and Engineering BS in Engineering Technology in Construction Electronics Nuclear Mechanical MS Computer Science and Engineering MS Electrical Engineering MS Mechanical Engineering MS Materials Science and Engineering MS Engineering Systems PhD Computer Science and Engineering PhD Materials Science and Engineering

7 Corporate Involvement

8 Transfer Recruiting and Advising
Advising Infrastructure Located at Discovery Park Advising director with 3 advisors New advisor for transfer students University Commitment Addition of new transfer recruiters/advisors

9 Transfer Orientation Preceded by visits to local community colleges
Separate transfer orientation sessions One-on-one advising with CENG advisors and departmental advisors Information provided in the form of a detailed booklet Adherence to articulation agreements

10 Participation in Statewide Articulation
Tuning Texas : Statewide initiative undertaken by THECB to streamline transfers from 2-year to 4-year institutions. EE MEE

11 Statistics on Transfer Students-1
Transfers UNT Freshmen Math 1650 (Pre-Calculus) 55.93% 71.0% Math 1710 (Calculus I) 52.44% 62.7% Math 1720 (Calculus II) 46.03% 53.01% Physics 1710 (Mechanics) 50.91% 57.97% Physics 2220 (Electromagnetics) 62.34% 66.8% Chemistry 1410 58.68% 67.8% Biology 1710 65.05% 68.47% Engineering students: Pre-calculus (63% pass rate), Calculus I (54.5% pass rate), Calculus II (45% pass rate)

12 Statistics on Transfer Students - 2

13 Emulating Successful Models
Transfer Scholarships Dean’s scholarship CENG scholarship Peer Tutoring Engineering Excellence Living and Learning Community (LLC) Kerr Hall Grown from 20 to 47 students Academic and non-academic activities

14 SUPER 17/10 undergraduates participated in our summer research program
Complete program with seminars, social activities, mentoring, etc. Targets for graduate recruiting Program has attracted $75,000 from RIM

15 Faculty Response to SUPER
Students highly motivated Outreach activities were useful Would have liked to see a ‘richer’ pool of students from outside UNT Grades did not reflect ability to do research – in a positive way Extend to 10 weeks Conduct during regular academic semesters

16 Student Responses to SUPER - 1

17 Student Responses -2

18 Student Responses - 3

19 Common Themes Opportunity to conduct research, learning about nature of research, meeting fellow engineers, learning time management skills The most valuable for me about the SUPER experience was to have the opportunity to work with nice and smart people. The hands on lab work I did w/ my professor allowed me to really utilize what I learned in the classroom to real life experience. This is my most valuable experience

20 SUPER - Transfer Open to 10 students to conduct research projects
8 weeks during the summer under the banner of SUPER-Transfer (Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research for transfer students).

21 Features Students who have completed at least two years of study in a community college with a grade of B or better in Calculus I. Their overall Grade point average should be 3.0 or higher at the end of the previous spring semester. Participants in the 8 week program are provided a stipend of $2,500, and tuition for one hour of college credit (if needed). SUPER-Transfer will also provide avenues for the students to participate in non-academic, social activities to foster team spirit.

22 Building Bridges ENGR 1201 – Introduction to Engineering WECM Question
Taught in Community Colleges Plan to co-teach in CC WECM Question Bridge courses in math (summer) ABET accredited Engineering Technology

23 Conclusions Bottlenecks cannot be sorted out overnight, but can be overcome with good communication Remember: students are the most important part of transfer process A multi-pronged approach is needed – combination of research activities, bridge course and tight articulation

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