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Day 17 English 10.

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1 Day 17 English 10

2 Warm-Up: ECA Question of the Day
Mark searched the nearly empty refrigerator for a midnight snack his only choices were curdled milk, stale pizza, and grape jelly, any combination of which he couldn't stomach. A. snack, his B. snack, but his C. snack, so his D. snack his B

3 Analyze how the video connects to author’s purpose
Analyze how the video connects to author’s purpose. Determine why chapter 13 is a logical end to Part 1. Objectives

4 Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

5 Warm-Up: Write a full paragraph to answer the questions.
What does Adichie mean by “the danger of a single story?” Who creates them? What does she think is the problem with stereotypes? Have you ever had an experience where someone viewed you in a way you didn’t like? Explain. How does this video relate to Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and his purpose for writing the book?

6 Chapters 13 If one finger brought oil, it soiled the others.

7 Chapter 13 Questions 1. Who is dead? 2. What’s the egwugwu? Describe the different types. 3. What are their beliefs regarding life and death? 4. What is special about Ezeudu? 5. What tragedy occurred during the funeral? 6. What does Okonkwo have to do? 7. How is the crime feminine? 8. What does Obierka think? 9. What does the proverb mean? 10. Why is this event a logical end to part 1? What does it show about Okonkwo’s violent actions?

8 Compare/Contrast Essay
Let’s look at structuring your essay

9 Compare/Contrast Essay
 How do you want to organize the essay? Block Method- Compare in BP1 and contrast in BP2 Point by Point method

10 Objectives Analyze how a theme is developed over the course of a novel. Outline an essay about Okonkwo’s violent tendencies and their consequences.

11 Violent Acts and Consequences (200)
While at public gatherings, observances of rites, or festivals, Okonkwo often commits acts of violence that ruin the occasion and generate public disapproval. Review Part 1 and complete the graphic organizer below to identify Okonkwo’s violent acts and their consequences.

12 Work with your class to construct a statement on the theme of Okonkwo’s violent tendencies and their consequences. Okonkwo’s violent tendencies lead to his alienation from his family and community. Theme*

13 Writing Prompt: Consider Okonkwo’s acts of violence throughout the course of the novel. Explain how the actions of this complex character advances the plot or develops the theme. Be sure to: Include an introduction with a clear thesis statement. Provide supporting details and textual evidence from different chapters. Write a conclusion that explores the significance of the topic.

14 Why do you think Achebe ended Part 1 of the novel with this event
Why do you think Achebe ended Part 1 of the novel with this event? Make predictions about what might happen in Part 2.

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