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“Little Red Hen Gets Help”. chorus A chorus is a group singing or saying something together.

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1 “Little Red Hen Gets Help”

2 chorus A chorus is a group singing or saying something together.

3 chorus The animals call “I will!” in a loud chorus when the hen asks who wants to eat the bread. You might say the “Pledge of Allegiance” in a chorus with your classmates. When have you read or sung in a chorus?

4 chorus What is a song a chorus might sing? Tell about a time you have heard people recite a poem in a chorus. Would you like to be in a chorus? Would you rather sing or speak?

5 odor If something has an odor, you can tell what it is by the way it smells.

6 odor The animals smell the odor of bread baking. You might smell the odor of cookies baking or dinner cooking. When have you smelled a nice odor from the kitchen?

7 odor Name one odor that would be pleasant or smell good. What food’s odor would you not want to smell? Imagine you walked into a bakery. What odors might you smell?

8 shoved If you shoved someone or something, you would push hard against that person.

9 shoved The pig shoved to get close to the bread. Someone might shove between two desks to get to the other side of the classroom instead of walking around the desks. When have you shoved between two things?

10 shoved What is one good reason you would shove a chair? Have you ever shoved a piece of furniture to move it? What did you shove? Why? What would you say if you saw someone shoving to be first in line?

11 assemble If you assemble something, you put all of its pieces together.

12 assemble Little Red Hen has to assemble the tacos. Mike will put together, or assemble, a model train. What have you assembled?

13 assemble I will name some items. If the item can be assembled, you should say “assemble it!” If it can not be assembled, say nothing. a sandwich a pen a picnic lunch a tree a teacher a toy an outfit to wear a bug

14 consume If you consume something, you completely use it up.

15 consume The animals consume the tacos. Every morning, you consume breakfast. What other meals do you consume every day? What snacks do you like to consume?

16 consume I will name some things, and if you think a thing can be consumed, say “eat it!” If it can not be consumed, say nothing. a book a pencil a hot dog some raisins an apple a shirt ice cream a car

17 enthusiastic If you are enthusiastic about something, you really like it and are excited about it.

18 enthusiastic Cat, Fox and Pig were enthusiastic about eating tacos. You might be enthusiastic about going to a birthday part. What is another time you might be enthusiastic?

19 enthusiastic I will name some things that could happen. If you would be enthusiastic for this to happen, clap your hands. If you would not be enthusiastic, do not clap. missing a snack going to a party getting a present cleaning your room forgetting your lunch playing in the park emptying the trash going on a picnic

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