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Addressing Concerns and Earning Commitment

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1 Addressing Concerns and Earning Commitment

2 Learning Objectives L 1 L 2 L 3
Explain why it is important to anticipate and overcome buyer concerns and resistance. Understand why prospects raise objections. Describe the five major types of sales resistance. L 1 L 2 L 3

3 Learning Objectives L 4 L 5 L 6
Explain how the LAARC method can be used to overcome buyer objections. Describe the recommended approaches for responding to buyer objections. List and explain the earning commitment techniques that secure commitment and closing. L 4 L 5 L 6

4 Sales Resistance (Objection)
Anything the buyer says or does that __________________the buying process.

5 Reasons Why Prospects Raise Objections
The prospect wants to avoid the sales interview. The salesperson has failed to prospect and qualify properly. __________________________. The prospect resists change. The prospect fails to recognize a need. Prospect lacks information.

6 Summary of Reasons Why Prospects Raise Objections

7 Major Categories of Objections

8 Responding to Need Objections

9 Responding to Product/Service Objections

10 Responding to Company/Source Objections

11 Responding to Price Objections

12 Ethical Dilemma

13 Responding to Time Objections

14 LAARC Method for Handling Buyer Resistance

15 Other Methods for Handling Buyer Resistance
________ – Introduce the source of the objection before the prospect brings it up. Direct Denial – A rather harsh response that the prospect is wrong. Indirect Denial – Softening the blow when correcting a prospect’s information. Translation or Boomerang – Turn a ________________(the source of the objection) ____________________. Compensation – Counterbalance the objection with an offsetting benefit.

16 Other Methods for Handling Buyer Resistance
Question – Ask the buyer assessment questions to gain a better understanding of the what they are objecting to. Third Party Reinforcement – Use the opinion or data from a third party source to help overcome the objection and reinforce the salesperson’s points. ______________ – Salesperson relates that others actually found their initial opinions to be unfounded. Coming-to-That – The salesperson tells the buyer that he or she __________________the objection ________ in his or her presentation.

17 Commitment Often referred to as “closing,” gaining commitment is the _________________________ _____________, it refers to the prospect’s willingness to make a purchase from the salesperson.

18 Guidelines for Earning Commitment
Look for __________________ “That will get the job done” “I didn’t realize you delivered everyday.” “The price is lower than I thought it would be.” Ask _______________________ “What do you think about what we’ve discussed?” “Do you see how this will help your organization?”

19 Guidelines for Earning Commitment
Resolve “Red Light” Statements Made by the Prospect “I’m not sure that will work." “The price is higher than I though it would be.” “Your delivery schedule does not work for us.” “I don’t see the advantage of going with your proposal.”

20 Techniques to Earn Commitment

21 Techniques to Avoid

22 Ethical Dilemma

23 Role Play

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