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1311A.7 Club Leadership Training Session Achieving Success As Sergeant At Arms.

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1 1311A.7 Club Leadership Training Session Achieving Success As Sergeant At Arms

2  Help officers clearly understand their roles.  Orient club members to better understand club officer roles.  Aid members when evaluating candidates for office.  Facilitate communication when expectations differ. 1 Standards for Success

3  Attend district-sponsored club officer training.  Schedule the meeting location.  Maintain club equipment.  Check after every meeting to ensure adequate supplies are available.  Attend club executive committee meetings.  Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a meeting.  Prepare your successor for office. 2 Outside the Club Meeting

4  Complete room preparation at least 10 minutes before the meeting begins.  Greet members and guests and arrange for guests to sit with members.  Greet the area governor and other visiting officers and escort them to the club president.  Arrange for food service at meal meetings.  Ensure the meeting starts on time.  Collect ballots and tally votes for awards. 3 At the Club Meeting

5  Set realistic and attainable goals.  Plan how to accomplish the goals.  Delegate tasks as needed.  Monitor progress toward goals.  Coach team members when necessary. 4 Your Leadership Opportunity

6 5 Five Steps of Motivation 1.Understand what motivates each person. 2.Focus on the benefit to the individual. 3.Make expectations clear. 4.Recognize their work. 5.Be a leader.

7 1.Decide what to delegate. 2.Decide who will do the task. 3.Assign responsibility. 4.Grant authority. 5.Establish accountability. 6 Your Leadership Opportunity Five Steps of Delegation

8 1.Lack of confidence in others 2.Fear of losing control 3.Selfishness 4.Insecurity 5.Reluctance 7 Your Leadership Opportunity Barriers to Delegation

9 1.Agree that a problem exists. 2.Discuss solutions. 3.Agree on an action. 4.Follow up. 8 Your Leadership Opportunity Four Steps to Coaching

10 Group Activity 9 Coaching a Team Member

11  Arrange tables and chairs.  Check room temperature.  Set up a lectern at the front of the room.  Place gavel on lectern.  Hang club banner behind the lectern to the left or right.  Display the national flag (optional) at the front of the room to the left of the lectern. 10 Club Equipment and Supplies Before the Meeting

12  Set up timing lights toward the rear of the room where they are visible to the speaker.  Set the guest book, pen, and nametags for guests on a table near the door.  Place ballots on each seat.  Display promotional fliers, educational materials, club newsletters, order forms, the Toastmaster magazine, and club charter near the guest book.  Display trophies, ribbons, etc., where they are visible to the audience. 11 Club Equipment and Supplies Before the Meeting

13  Pack all club property.  Store club property in a secure place.  Ensure the timing device is in good repair.  Inventory the supply of name badges, ballots, and other items.  If inventory is low, ask the secretary to order more. 12 Club Equipment and Supplies After the Meeting

14 In order to maintain the club’s equipment and supplies, the sergeant at arms keeps the list of assets and implements a written transfer process. 13 Club Equipment and Supplies Asset inventory

15  Begin meetings on time.  Deliver quality speeches.  Keep up the meeting’s momentum.  Conduct club business.  Provide useful feedback.  End meeting promptly. 1414 Club Organization and Protocol

16  Power cords removed from walkways and secured  Flashlights in case of power failure  Standard first-aid kit  Location of and routes to emergency exits  Appointed assistant for emergencies 15 Safety and Foresight Safety

17  Keep practical items among club supplies.  Inspect alternate meeting sites for special events or joint meetings.  Establish equipment and seating requirements for those events. 16 Safety and Foresight Foresight

18 Dealing with Meals And Preparing for the Meeting 17 Discussion Exercise

19 A responsibility and a privilege 18

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