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2 QUESTION TAGS (1) Son coletillas en forma de pregunta que se colocan al final de una frase para confirmar si se está de acuerdo o no con lo que decimos: Oración afirmativa > question tag negativa You are British, aren’t you? Oración negativa > question tag positiva You aren’t British, are you?

3 QUESTION TAGS (2) La ‘question tag’ se forma con el verbo auxiliar correspondiente + el pronombre personal (o con there is, are, was, were,..: We can talk, can’t we? She has already arrived, hasn’t she? They will wait, won’t they? John likes tea, doesn’t he? Sandra left yesterday, didn’t she? There is a man outside, isn’t there?

4 QUESTION TAGS (3) La ‘question tag’ que corresponde a ‘I am’ es ‘Am I not’ o como excepcion ‘aren’t I?’ I’m right, aren’t I? Somebody, nobody, someone pasan a ‘they’ y como excepción el verbo también pasa a plural. Someone has called, haven’t they?

5 La question tag que corresponde al imperativo (+, -)es will you?
Open the window, will you? Don’t be late, will you? La question tag que corresponde a Let’s… es shall we? Let’s have a drink, shall we?

6 QUESTION TAGS (4) Henry doesn’t like tennis, ? She has just called, ?
They studied here, ? Nobody listens to him, ? I’m a singer, ? We won’t do it again, ? Sarah didn’t speak, ? Everybody saw it, ? Hurry up, ? Let’s go to the beach, ? does he hasn’t she didn’t they do they aren’t I will we did she didn’t they will you shall we

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