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The All-Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center.

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1 The All-Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center

2 2 Dell - Restricted - Confidential Founded in 2010 Born out of one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures HQ: Boulder, CO $150M raised to date World-class executive team –Rackspace, 3PAR, Isilon Systems, LeftHand Networks, Skype 275+ employees globally 700% y/y growth in 2013 Strong original IP portfolio About SolidFire

3 3 Dell - Restricted - Confidential Gartner Recognized SolidFire as a “Visionary” in 2014 Magic Quadrant Ranks #1 Overall in Gartner Critical Capabilities Study “SolidFire is highly differentiated from its competitors through its scale-out capabilities, rich software features and ability to guarantee storage performance.” “The QoS and multi-tenancy allow customers to run multiple workloads in isolation with guaranteed performance, eliminating disruption or degradation from unwieldy workloads.” -Gartner Gartner Identified SolidFire Strengths ▪High Scalability ▪High Performance ▪Emphasis on Keeping Costs Low ▪Included In-line Efficiency Features ▪Guaranteed QoS ▪Design for Multi-Tenancy ▪All-inclusive, Simple Pricing ▪Rich Software Features o Report analyzes 13 SSAs across six high-impact use cases o Quantifies product attractiveness against seven critical capabilities that are important to IT leaders. ▪Overall Use Case ▪Online Transaction Processing ▪Server Virtualization ▪Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ▪High Performance Computing ▪Analytics

4 4 Dell - Restricted - Confidential Dial in performance at a volume level. Software adjust Storage Capacity and IOPS independently to service the changing application needs. Scale Capacity & Performance 1U at a time in a linear fashion. Grow your infrastructure at the same pace as your business needs. Automate the entire system via REST-based APIs – just as easily as it is with compute in the cloud today. High Availability that provides consistent performance in good times and bad Deduplication, Compression and Thin Provisioning. Global, inline and no impact to performance.

5 5 Dell - Restricted - Confidential  Nodes are added / removed as demand dictates  Performance and capacity instantly available to all volumes  Non-disruptive expansion - No stopping, starting or reconfiguring of services 52 TB 60 TB 69 TB 250,000 IOPS 300,000 IOPS 350,000 IOPS 400,000 IOPS Performance Capacity Linear Scalability Starter 5 node SF2405 configuration 5, SF2405 Nodes  43 TB  250,000 IOPS Scale-Out Architecture 43 TB

6 6 Dell - Restricted - Confidential Operational Efficiency (compares 173TB of effective capacity)  Reduce rack space  Consume less power  Increase performance 52,000 IOPS 375,000 IOPS

7 7 Dell - Restricted - Confidential SolidFire & Orchestration Native multi-tenant architecture, best-in-class integrations Flexibility Control Time to Value Mixed Workloads

8 8 Dell - Restricted - Confidential VDI Success Story – Large Global Telco 3000 user VDI POD – 200K+ Deployment 2YR Selected solution after having analyzed and completed Proof of Concepts of(18) Hybrid, Traditional Raid, and Flash Array vendors Power savings key business driver SolidFire and Dell Networking helped cut this in ½ compared to competitive solution. Replaced existing standard POD which took up 2 44U Racks Inline efficiency was key benefit achieved greater than 10X API integration with custom management tool easily achieved with REST API

9 The All-Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center For more information visit or SolidFire Solutions are in the Dell Solutions Center for POC’s and Demo’s. Contact us for a solutions discussion and demo! Contact your Dell sales team for a quote today!

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