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Rose Nelson Assistant Director/Prospector Coordinator CO Alliance Prospector Annual Director’s Meeting 2014.

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1 Rose Nelson Assistant Director/Prospector Coordinator CO Alliance Prospector Annual Director’s Meeting 2014

2 Prospector Update 2014 Peer to Peer with Mobius Prospector by the numbers Loveland Public Library joins Content Comparison System

3 Snapshot of MOBIUS nonprofit 501(C)(3) library consortium created in 1998 for resource sharing amongst the academic libraries in Missouri Fully supported by membership and assessment 11 clusters and handful of standalone systems new cluster 2015 will include Botanical Gardens, Museum Supports Evergreen for small publics in the state

4 Mobius by the Numbers 70 libraries—61 academics, 5 publics, 2 special libraries, Missouri State Library, & 2 associate members representing 168 physical branches 27 million items in total 11 staff / 10 systems (including I-R) 80 million records loaded annually Manage delivery

5 Peer to Peer Requesting Both systems maintain their own union catalog All patrons can request equally from either union catalog Staff receive and process requests from both systems in the same way






11 Central and Local System Configuration Patron Types Item Types Loan Rules Loan Rule Determiner Table Locations/Pickup Locations

12 New Delivery System

13 Courier Service Three couriers (CO, KS, MO) Goodland Public library exchange point 5-day a week service Delivery service is called ProMO No upfront costs, but must count transactions as part of CO library courier stats

14 3 Couriers Goodland KS Kansas City, MO Denver, CO

15 Challenges

16 Packaging

17 Patron Privacy Concerns

18 Work Around

19 Shipping Labels CO slip only includes courier code no address New MO slip includes library address

20 Lend Most to MOBIUS

21 Borrow Most from MOBIUS

22 Overall Lends/Borrows-MOBIUS

23 Prospector by the Numbers

24 Prospector Map

25 Database Statistics Over 12 million bib records Over 33 million item records With Mobius access to 60 million + items 60% of Prospector is unique (held by one library)

26 Lends by the year

27 Prospector Top Lenders

28 Prospector Top Borrowers

29 Google Analytics-Prospector Over 77% of searches are referred from local catalogs or other places

30 Loveland Public Library is REALLY into Prospector

31 Loveland Public Library Live in Prospector in May 2014 Local system-Innovative Serves a community of 70,000 people 2012 completed a major expansion and renovation of the library 160,000 holdings-DVDs, monographs, audio, Pre-loaded Nooks and more 11,131 fulfillments to date; Net Lender

32 Future Initiatives

33 Content Comparison Tool Being developed by the CO Alliance of Research Libraries Shared print management system is the impetus Initially compare one library to another or to Prospector as a whole System Guts SOLR-index (Amazon Cloud uses this) Google-ingest MARC records

34 Content Comparison continued Record matching algorithm uses fields of the MARC record independent of OCLC numbers, ISSN/ISBNs Real time comparisons with ability to export reports Facets to narrow search by selected fields Eventually ingest other MARC record sets Alternative to expensive commercial products with little local content

35 Innovative Integrate Polaris First quarter 2015 Polaris to be integrated with Innovative Eliminate the DCB and NCIP DPL connect directly to Prospector through API Should improve DPLs performance and overall reliability

36 Highlights: Release 2014 INN-Reach Title Reports Export reports (full MARC record or Excel spreadsheet Borrowing lending transactions for Prospector & MOBIUS Should be available before first quarter 2015 Pass-through search from a local WebPac catalog to a central Encore catalog now works Enables libraries to better facilitate activities related to shared print management across multiple institutions

37 Questions? Thank You!

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