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PolyAnalyst Data and Text Mining tool Your Knowledge Partner TM www

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1 PolyAnalyst Data and Text Mining tool Your Knowledge Partner TM www
PolyAnalyst Data and Text Mining tool Your Knowledge Partner TM TM

2 Megaputer Intelligence
Knowledge discovery tools for business users Easy-to-understand actionable results Data Overload Useful Knowledge

3 PolyAnalyst Enterprise level client-server analytical and reporting system Unlocks business value hidden in massive volumes of data Efficiently analyses both structured data and free-form text Allows business users to easily generate actionable results Simplifies complex business analysis Offers simple visual means for building reusable analytic scripts Readily scales with growing volumes of data Provides executives with re-executable custom analytic reports

4 Two types of PolyAnalyst users
Data Analyst Decision Maker Visual analytic scenario Interactive up-to-date reports

5 PolyAnalyst application domains
Government Insurance Financial High Tech Consumer Products Manufacturing

6 Technical capabilities
Visual building of reusable analytical scripts that include: Intelligent spell checking Categorization Clustering Entity extraction Natural language search Interactive multi-dimensional analysis Visual link analysis Scheduled re-execution of analysis Development of reusable self-updating report templates Up-to-date dashboards displaying key factors Interactive presentation of results of analysis

7 Handled business tasks
Survey data analysis Call Center data analysis target routing Repair notes analysis Incident report analysis Claims notes analysis Competitive intelligence Fraud detection Intellectual property research

8 PolyAnalyst for data analyst

9 Visual script builder Drag&Drop; Configure; Execute

10 Data grid

11 Data statistics display

12 Intelligent spell checker
User can edit suggested replacements

13 Generated term replacements
Substitution rules are applied automatically when script is re-executed

14 Advanced search engine
Supports natural language and PDL-based searching

15 Pattern Definition Language
Pattern Definition Language operators

16 Dictionary Manager PolyAnalyst Dictionary Manager: pre-loaded and user-defined dictionaries

17 Dictionary Editor PolyAnalyst Dictionary Editor: list of synonyms and other hierarchical semantic relationships

18 Keyword extraction Frequently encountered terms (and their linguistic modifications)

19 Phrase extraction Frequently encountered collocations of terms

20 Link Analysis Correlations of terms on the document, paragraph or sentence level

21 Term cluster layout Isolation of clusters of correlated terms

22 Document clustering - statistics
Distribution of documents by discovered clusters

23 Document clustering - results
Discovered groups of similar documents

24 Taxonomy building Hierarchical clustering helps build a tentative taxonomy that can be edited

25 Taxonomy categorization
Monitoring data for known issues of importance

26 Self-learning categorization
Document categorization based on training examples: Support Vector Machine and Naïve Bayesian algorithms

27 Multi-dimensional analysis
Displays distribution of cases across multiple dimensions

28 Drill-down on text dimensions
Drill-down to 622 cases that have problems with modem

29 Drill-down on text dimensions
Further drill-down to No dial tone problem (20 cases)

30 OLAP matrix Distribution of problems by product

31 Scheduling script re-execution
Step 1: Select nodes to re-execute Step 2: Set execution time

32 PolyAnalyst for decision makers

33 Report Editor collects results
Nicely arrange key results of performed analysis

34 Interactive Dashboard for execs
Decision makers see and manipulate up-to-date key results

35 Benefits Dramatic cost reduction
Increase in quality and speed of the analysis Objective and uniform data-driven analysis Discovery of even unexpected issues suggested by data Automated monitoring of known problems Timely discovery of newly developing issues Utilization of 100% of available data: structured and text Up-to-date reports for executives Easy to use and inexpensive to maintain solution

36 Contacting Megaputer (812) 330-0110 Call or email
120 W Seventh Street, Suite 314 Bloomington, IN USA

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