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TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Governance - or - “Just who’s running this place?”

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1 TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Governance - or - “Just who’s running this place?”

2 State Legislature Governor State Courts State Board of Education Local School Board Superintendent Principals Texas Education Association Commissioner of Education State Constitution Organizational Structure of a Texas State School System


4 Texas School Governance TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY s/abel/ncate_chap%2015/Structure_of_the _Texas_Education_System.html s/abel/ncate_chap%2015/Structure_of_the _Texas_Education_System.html

5 TEXAS GOVERNOR Rick Perry Lt. Governor Commissioner of Agriculture Bachelor of Animal Science Texas A & M Served as Governor since December 2000

6 STATE SENATOR Ken Paxton McKinney (R) District 8 Juris Doctorate Lawyer Served 5 terms in House, Elected to Senate in 2012

7 STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jeff Leach Plano (R) District 67 Elected 2012 B.S., Baylor University; J.D. Lawyer Southern Methodist University

8 STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jodie Laubenberg Rockwall (R) District 89 B.A. from UT Business/Politician Seniority: first elected in 2002

9 STATE SENATOR Scott Sanford McKinney (R) District 70 B.B.A., MTax Baylor University Elected in 2012

10 sboe/


12 LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD Elected from the community 18 years or older No other requirements

13 Local School Boards Plano ISD http://www.pisd.ed u/ mlhttp://www.pisd.ed u/ ml McKinney ISD http://www.mckinn nts/board-of- trustees/http://www.mckinn nts/board-of- trustees/

14 National Profile of School Board Members

15 TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Finance - or - “Just Who’s Paying for All of This?”” Presented: March 24, 2011

16 Percentage of Revenues from Federal, State & Local Sources

17 Funding Sources in Texas

18 Local School Property Taxes Maximum of $1.50 (plus interest payments) per $100 valuation of property. Divide Total Property Value by 100 Multiply the result by the Tax Rate Property-Rich school districts have more money per pupil to spend than Property- Poor Districts

19 State-Level School Funding Tier I : Average Daily Attendance Funding –Funding per pupil in attendance per school day Tier II : Recapture Funds –TEC Chapter 41 & 42 Definitions Tier III : Instructional Facilities Allotment –Only for Building Construction –Must be “Chapter 42” School District –Must have maximum local school tax rate –Voters must approve bond election for 15%

20 Texas Recapture Law Property-Rich districts send back part, all, or more of their State Allotment to equalize the spending per pupil between districts. Found to be inequitable by Texas Supreme Court Effectively a “State Property Tax” No new plan in place yet.

21 Effects of the Inequity Students in more affluent districts still end up with more money being spent on their education Can you get the SAME education at 90% of the price? 80%? 70%? Equal spending vs. Equitable Spending Are students from less affluent districts (tend to be mainly ethnic minorities) receiving lower quality education?

22 Federal Money to the Rescue! Categorical v. Block Grants Categorical  Money must be spent for designated purposes or categories  Title I & No Child Left Behind Block  Money is not designated for special purposes and may be spent as receiver chooses  The “old” way of receiving Federal money

23 U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan CEO, Chicago Public Schools Education Non-Profits Pro Basketball Player Bachelor of Sociology from Harvard Term: January 2009 through the “Pleasure of the President”

24 Key Provisions of No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Yearly standardized reading and mathematics tests in grades 3-8 “Highly qualified” teacher in every classroom Demonstrable progress toward academic proficiency for all students in every state and school district Consequences for low-performing schools (Loss of Federal Money - ???)

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