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Developing Family Leaders through Competency Integration: The AMCHP Family Scholars Program TBI Leadership Meeting March 22, 2012 Librada Estrada, MPH,

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1 Developing Family Leaders through Competency Integration: The AMCHP Family Scholars Program TBI Leadership Meeting March 22, 2012 Librada Estrada, MPH, CHES, CPCC AMCHP Associate Director, Workforce & Leadership Development, Family Involvement

2 Learning Objectives: Describe different elements of a national family leadership development program. Identify lessons learned from the AMCHP FSP.

3 AMCHP The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs is a national resource, partner, and advocate for state public health leaders and others working to improve the health of women, children, youth and families, including those with special health care needs.

4 AMCHP’s Strategic Plan Goal 3: State and territorial MCH programs will have a diverse and effective workforce with competent leaders at the national, state and local levels. – Strategy 3.2: Develop and implement a family and youth leadership pathway with ongoing training and mentorship for family and youth leaders that defines family and youth roles in state and territorial MCH and programs.

5 AMCHP’s Strategic Plan Goal 4: AMCHP will be an effective and efficient organization and partner in support of state and territorial MCH programs. – Strategy 4.3: Increase member, family, and youth participation in AMCHP planning, advocacy and programmatic activities including volunteer leadership opportunities within AMCHP.

6 Family Leadership within AMCHP Family Board Representatives Family Delegates Family Youth & Leadership Committee Family Involvement within all committees Family Scholars Program

7 AMCHP FSP: History Attend AMCHP Annual Conference Gain understanding of MCH issues Legislative visits on Capitol Hill Family Scholars Assigned Family Mentor Participate in conference preparation call Participate in legislative visits advocacy call AMCHP FSP started in 1996 209+ Scholars from States, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands

8 Program Objectives Increasing advocacy on behalf of Title V block grant. Developing individual leadership skills. Gain a greater understanding of Title V and how it works in individual states or territories. Increase involvement in Title V within their state or territory in an advisory, voluntary or staff capacity. Widen their network of family leaders, parent professionals, MCH and CYSCHN professionals. Receive mentoring from experienced family leaders (Family Mentors).

9 Program Objectives Increase individual knowledge in MCH Leadership Competencies. Develop a relationship with elected officials at the local or state level. Increase individual understanding of AMCHP and its programs. Increase understanding of current and emerging issues impacting women, children and families at the national level.

10 AMCHP FSP: Present 12 month curriculum Stretch assignments On-going mentor relationship MCH Leadership Competency Focus Strengths Based Leadership Assessment Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment Individual Leadership Development Presentations, Poster Sessions Networking Legislative Visits Attend AMCHP Annual Conference

11 FSP Application Process Competitive Process Family Scholar Packet – Application – Director form – Resume/Bio – Commitment form

12 Commitment Monthly 90 minute calls Monthly stretch assignment (2+ hours/month) Monthly mentor check-in Quarterly mentor group check-in Readings Evaluations (monthly calls, stretch assignments, etc.)

13 Family Leadership Development Wider Community Others

14 Monthly Topics July 2011 through April 2012 Mentor Orientation Program Orientation Title V and the Role of Families Family & Professional Partnerships Strengths based leadership

15 Monthly Topics July 2011 through April 2012 Writing Your Story Policy vs. Advocacy Life Course Perspective Preparing for the Annual Conference Life after the Conference Conflict Negotiation

16 MCH Leadership Competencies I.Self 1. MCH Knowledge Base 2. Self-reflection 3. Ethics and Professionalism 4. Critical Thinking II. Others 5. Communication 6. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

17 MCH Leadership Competencies II. Others 7. Cultural Competency 8. Family-Centered Care 9. Developing Others through Teaching & Mentoring 10. Interdisciplinary Team III. Wider Community 11. Working with Communities and Systems 12. Policy and Advocacy

18 FSP Impact MCH Knowledge Base – terms and language; promising practices Critical Thinking – opportunity to identify strengths and hone skills Family Centered Care – Take-home tools to use w/families (exchange of ideas/resources) Policy and Advocacy – connecting with AMCHP to obtain policy information; balancing parent role and Government work; learning about emerging national MCH issues (life course perspective)

19 Mentoring on family leadership dev. It takes time. The appropriate level of family leadership. Varying levels of leadership development. Advocacy development is on-going. Balancing family reality with program requirements. Programmatic Lessons Learned

20 State variation on family involvement. Educating Title V AND program participants. Participant suggestions are invaluable. Supporting the Scholars and Mentors. Accountability is key. Preparing for involvement at conference. Programmatic Lessons Learned

21 FSP is a stepping stone. Future leadership development. Developing national family leader pool. “Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.” Programmatic Lessons Learned

22 Questions????

23 For More Information Visit the AMCHP website: Contact Librada Estrada 202-266-3046 Michelle Jarvis, FSP Program Manager 202-775-1472

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