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Indirect Objects, Indirect Object Pronouns; Dar and Decir

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1 Indirect Objects, Indirect Object Pronouns; Dar and Decir
Placement and Forms

2 Indirect Object: The indirect object is the person who receives the direct object or the person who benefits from the action of the verb. Use the preposition “a” before an indirect object. Usually answers “to” or “for” whom Mi madre nos prepara la cena. My mom makes us dinner./My mom makes dinner for us. El profesor nos da tarea. The teacher gives us homework./ The teacher gives homework to us.

3 Indirect Object Pronoun
An indirect object pronoun stands for an indirect object noun. It takes the place of the indirect object noun or can be used with it. Un banquero le prestó dinero a Juan. The pronoun le and Juan appear together. Un banquero le prestó dinero. The pronoun le stands for/takes the place of Juan.

4 Indirect Object Pronouns:
Me me Te you Le him, her, you (Ud). Nos us Os you (pl.) Les them, you (Uds.)

5 IDOPs take the same placement as reflexive and direct object pronouns:
Before a conjugated verb. Attached to the end of an infinitive or an affirmative command. Enséñame la oficina de tu madre. Show me your mom’s office./Show your mom’s office to me. Su mamá les prepara comida. Your mom prepares you (all) dinner./Your mom prepares dinner for you (all).

6 Dar Decir To Give Doy Damos Das Dais Da Dan Rosa le da el correo.
Rosa gives the mail to him. To Say or Tell Digo Decimos Dices Decís Dice Dicen Yo les digo la verdad. I tell them the truth.

7 Práctica 1. I give the book to you. Yo te doy el libro.
2. We tell secrets to our friends. Nosotros les decimos secretos a nuestros amigos. 3. You open the door for your grandma. Tú le abres la puerta a tu abuela. 4. They give advice to us. Ellos nos dan consejos.

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