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1 Rapid Fire Team Presentation Template Name of Presenter: Treena Slate

2 Falls Facilitated Learning Series Name of Organization: Brandon Regional Health Center Location of Facility: Brandon, MB Number of Patients/Residents/Clients: 305 Inpatient Acute Care Beds Who We Are

3 Falls Facilitated Learning Series AIM The purpose of our project is to promote fall prevention within the Brandon Regional Health Centre. We will work as a team to enhance our existing Fall Prevention Program and involve all stakeholders to promote a culture of safety.

4 Falls Facilitated Learning Series Team Members Bev Cumming, VP Acute Care Nursing, Executive Sponsor Treena Slate, Manager Inpatient Rehab, Chair Cindy Bauche, Quality Patient Safety and Risk, Facilitator Linda Kawa, Director Acute Care Nursing Vickie White, Nurse Educator Inpatient Surgical Scott Kirk, Manager Cancer Care Donna Townsend, Clinical Resource Nurse Inpatient Long Term Care Kelly Peloquin, Manager Inpatient Medicine Marilyn Day, Manager Inpatient Mat/Child Sheilagh Remillard, Nurse Educator Emergency Monique Clarke, Educator Diagnostic Imaging Noreen Weflen, Clinical Resource Nurse Surgical Suite Rick Paddock-Thiessen, Staff Nurse Hemodialysis Stephanie Wood, Staff Nurse Float Pool Kyla Brown, Physiotherapist Inpatient Medicine Nicole Van De Keere, Occupational Therapist Geriatric Adult Psychiatry

5 Falls Facilitated Learning Series Review Falls Change Ideas tested to date in your organization Changes Implemented within Organization Working/Not WorkingFacilitators/Barriers identified Fall Prevention Bulletin Board implemented on inpatient Rehab unit WorkingAccessible to patients Falls posters installed in patient washrooms in Surgical Suite WorkingAccessible to patients Co-bedding posters installed in all maternity rooms WorkingPicture posters that are understood by all nationalities Frequent faller specific PDSAs completed. WorkingNot all patients are compliant with changes Distribution of unit specific falls data WorkingData needs to be shared with all staff

6 Falls Facilitated Learning Series Measures MonthAdmissions Completed Assessment Percentage Sept 201110770% Nov 201110990% Jan 2012111091% MonthHigh-Risk Patients Completed Interventions Percentage Sept 201110220% Nov 20116583% Jan 20129333% Percentage of Patients with Completed Morse Falls Assessment on Admission Percentage of “High-Risk” Patients with Completed Intervention Strategies on Admission

7 Falls Facilitated Learning Series Lessons Learned on Sustaining Falls Improvement Work during Action Period What advice would you give to other teams? Involve all stakeholders, especially front line staff Circulate and review data with front line staff Use data for planning of fall prevention strategies What are your key insights? Further work required to review/revise current facility fall prevention policy and program Focus of program should be on prevention strategies and harm reduction vs. assessment

8 Falls Facilitated Learning Series What were some barriers?  Multiple priorities within the organization What are some facilitators?  Support from Executive Management  Releasing Time to Care Initiative  State of readiness as an organization How do you propose to move forward?  Develop and work through falls prevention action plan  Update current Regional Falls policy Challenges to Sustaining Falls Improvement

9 Falls Facilitated Learning Series 6 Month Post FFLS Sustainability Plans for Falls Improvement Work Goal Description (What is AIM) Action (What STEPS are to be taken to achieve) Timeframe (When to be done by) Person Responsible Metrics: What is to be monitored to identify achievement Review compliance of completion of Morse Falls Assessment Scale and Interventions Audit 10 charts from each unit April 2012All Canadian Falls Prevention Course Research and finalize cost/dates/availability for course in Brandon June 2012Cindy/Rick/Scott Define Questions for Falls Prevention Program Audit Meet as a smaller group to determine questions for unit falls audit June 2012 Linda/Stephanie/Treena/ Monique Design an internal education process Example: Poster/Powerpoint/room with examples September 2012 Complete an audit after education Review compliance to Morse Falls Scale/audit 10 charts Will start after policy revision All

10 Falls Facilitated Learning Series Name: Treena Slate Email: Phone Number: (204) 578-4609 Contact Information

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