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Location, Climate, Natural Resources

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1 Location, Climate, Natural Resources

2 United Kingdom Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
Northern Ireland

3 Location of the U.K. Islands off the coast of mainland Europe
Separated from France by the English Channel Separated from the Scandinavian Peninsula by the North Sea

4 Location of the U.K. 10 Major Ports
Location has helped the U.K. become an international banking center Location on the Atlantic Ocean helps it trade with the U.S. U.S. is the U.K.’s number one trading partner

5 Climate of the U.K. Mild climate with rainfall throughout year
No section goes without rain for more than 2 weeks. Mild climate is caused by the Gulf Stream; otherwise the climate would be much colder

6 Climate of the U.K.

7 Climate of the U.K. Mild climate is good for farming
Land is also used for grazing and agriculture

8 Natural Resources Important resources: Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Iron Ore Other resources: Lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, potash, sand, and slate Manufacturing is declining due to natural resources being used up

9 Natural Resources Fishing is important along the shores
25% of the land is arable (land suitable for growing crops)

10 Russia Shares a border with 15 countries
At closest point, Russia and the U.S. are only 3 miles apart

11 Location of Russia Spans 2 continents Eastern Europe Northern Asia
Capital is Moscow European Russia is almost landlocked Would take a week to travel from western Russia to Eastern Russia by train

12 European Russia Location
Most land far from the sea or frozen Murmansk and St. Petersburg are ports Gulf Stream keeps port at Murmansk ice free


14 Climate of Russia Asian Russia Extreme climates
European Russia Only 2 seasons: winter and summer Many areas have permanently frozen soil (permafrost) Warmer than Asian Russia Asian Russia Extreme climates Siberia: temperatures can be -40 degrees


16 Climate of Russia 73% of Russian people live in European Russia
Distance from sea influences climate Average yearly temperature of all Russia is below freezing!!


18 Natural resources Important resources: Forests, gold, aluminum ore, coal, Iron Volga River: Longest river in Europe; produces hydroelectric power Most natural resources are found in Siberia and Asian Russia


20 Location, climate, and natural resources give advantages to countries
Location, climate, and natural resources give advantages to countries. Who wins? Best country for making snowmen? Best country for selling umbrellas? Best country for trading with the United States? Best country for taking a week-long train ride? List two disadvantages that Russia has.

21 Germany About the size of South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama combined. Capital is Berlin

22 Location of Germany North-central Europe on the European Plain
Center of Europe: Good for travel and trade 8 major ports Major waterway: Rhine River

23 Climate of Germany Marine climate Gulf Stream warms the region
Colder in Bavarian Alps: Why?

24 Check Your Understanding
What physical feature helps transport goods in Germany? Mediterranean Sea Rhine River European Plain Where is Germany located? Northern Europe Eastern Europe Central Europe

25 Natural Resources of Germany
Important resources: Iron ore, coal, and potash, timber, uranium, natural gas, and copper. Many industries along the Rhine

26 German Manufacturing

27 Italy Boot shaped Peninsula
Largest areas are Rome, Naples, Milan, and Turin Long history of trading

28 Surrounded by Mediterranean sea on 3 sides
Location of Italy Southern Europe Surrounded by Mediterranean sea on 3 sides 8 major seaports



31 Check Your Understanding
What industry drives Germany’s economy? Manufacturing Fishing Farming Italy is an example of a: Plateau Plain Peninsula

32 Climate of Italy Mediterranean Climate
Summer: Rarely rains, comfortable temperature Winter: Cloudy and rainy

33 Natural Resources of Italy
Few mineral resources Natural Gas is the most valuable mineral resource Other resources: Coal, mercury, zinc, potash Arable land Fishing

34 Check Your Understanding
What is Italy’s most valuable crop? Peaches Apples Grapes What is Italy’s biggest industry? Tourism Manufacturing Mining

35 Custom Made Manufacturing



38 Location, climate, and natural resources give advantages to countries
Location, climate, and natural resources give advantages to countries. Who wins? Best country for growing grapes Best country for making cars Best country for swimming Best country for visiting as a tourist What disadvantages does Italy have?

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