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Marketing Key Elements Cornell Library Presentation December 1, 2009.

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1 Marketing Key Elements Cornell Library Presentation December 1, 2009

2 1 What is Brand Marketing? Marketing is not only advertising and sales.

3 2 One Definition: Analysis of consumers, customers, competitors, and the company Combining this knowledge to understand what segments exist Deciding how to best target the most profitable segments What is Brand Marketing?

4 3 Competitors Customers Consumers What is Brand Marketing? DIYer’s: Enthusiasts Compulsives Result Seekers Minimalists

5 4 Another Definition: All activities engaged in the transferring of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer Product Price Place Promotion What is Brand Marketing?

6 NOT A LOGO! 5 What is a brand?

7 6 A collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer about a product or service Can be positive or negative Can vary by consumer Differentiates from competition

8 7 How does an organization determine its brand? Identify target market/audiences Demographics vs. psychographics Some targets are more valuable than others One size does not fit all - Messaging needs to be tailored to each audience

9 8 How does an organization determine its brand? Eagle One Example of Market Segmentation Enthusiasts …. Have an emotional bond with their automobile. They take strong personal pride in how their vehicle looks and get a great deal of satisfaction from its proper care. How they take care of their car says a lot about them. Result Seekers …. Enjoy caring for their vehicle’s appearance, within limits, and are driven more by the results of the effort than the intrinsic rewards offered by the task itself. Attention to every detail is not considered necessary to feel good about the results. Compulsives …. Treat the maintenance of their vehicle more as an obligation than an opportunity. Though the car care appearance task is not strongly enjoyed or done overly frequently, when it is done there is an almost paradoxical effort to be thorough and do the job right. Minimalists …. Regard the task of maintaining their vehicle’s appearance as a chore which is not generally enjoyed and for which there is little time. Practical and skeptical, their vehicle primarily amounts to no more than transportation.

10 9 What Does Your Taste in Beer Say About You?, Advertising Age, 11/2/2009 How would you describe the consumer of each beer? Article

11 10 How does an organization determine its brand? Determine current brand identity Quantitative and qualitative research - You don’t always know what you think you know For each target audience

12 11 How does an organization determine its brand? Determine what brand identity should be Research analysis Market trends Capabilities

13 12 How is the brand communicated and promoted? Why promote the brand? What is the brand messaging? What media do you use? Measure results!

14 13 Johnson School Case Study

15 Our Key Differentiators Were Supported in the Research in the Strategic Plan Process Performance Learning Cornell Connections Intense Collaborative Community Target Audiences Prospective Students Alumni Corporate Community Current Students Faculty and Staff 14

16 Our strategy creates a self-reinforcing loop in marketing the school to build the brand and reputation. 15 Alumni and Student Events Recruiter Outreach Media Coverage School Rankings Alumni communication Alumni career services Alumni events Recruiter Marketing Campaign Media Coverage School Rankings Admissions Marketing Materials Website Alumni and Student interaction Recruit High Quality Students Attract Corporate Community Satisfy Current Students Engage Alumni

17 16 Please rate the quality of Johnson School recruits relative to other MBA programs The Johnson School is strong in Teamwork relative to peers. JGSM students are also strong in Ethics and Career Success. The Johnson School received a relative high percentage of negatives for Oral Communication, Interview Prep, and Resume Quality. Cross-tab by functional area

18 Recruiter Outreach 17

19 18 Recruiter Campaign

20 19 Recruiter Campaign – Marketing Recruiters

21 20 Marketing to Alumni and Corporate Community

22 Living Viewbook and iPhone Commercial 21

23 Communication Strategy for the Career Management Center - A Framework 22 Goals, Strategies, Tactics, and Measurement

24 23 Key Points for the Library What is the library’s brand? What services does the library provide? Do the services differ by library? What is the perception of the library? What should the perception of the library be?

25 24 Key Points for the Library What are the target audiences? Undergrads Graduate and PhD students Professors Alumni Staff Community What are the needs for each audience? How can we research this? What should be the communication strategy, including messaging and media?

26 25 Key Points for the Library How can we demonstrate the importance of the library to meeting Cornell University’s strategic goals? Should we promote the library?

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