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Central Africa Post WWII

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1 Central Africa Post WWII

2 Why Europeans were interested in C Africa
Natural Resources Exploitation Colonization

3 Henry Morton Stanley Famous explorer / journalist
Claimed the Congo River basin for King Leopold II of Belgium In search of Dr. Livingston Responsible for the deaths of many Africans in the Congo

4 Dr. Livingston Medical missionary and explorer of Africa
London Missionary Society First European to cross the interior of Africa Lost contact with the outside world and was found by H. M. Stanley Died in Africa

5 C Africa Before, During and After WWII

6 C Africa Before, During and After WWII
Almost all of Africa was under colonial rule during WWII Not until after the war did independence movements gain support European countries were left weak after WWII However most countries were not given support or prepared for self rule As a result may bloody conflicts erupted

7 C Africa Before, During and After WWII
Country Year of Independence Cameroon 1960 Democratic Republic of the Congo Central African Republic The Congo Gabon Rwanda 1962 Burundi Zambia 1964 Equatorial Guinea 1968 Angola 1975

8 Gabon Became independent in 1960 Omar Bongo 1935-2009
Second President of Gabon World’s longest serving non-monarch ruler One of world’s wealthiest heads of state Speculation of corruption from country’s oil money profits

9 Republic of the Congo Gained independence in 1960 from Belgium
Patrice Lumumba Independence leader and first elected Prime Minister Only lasted 10 months Congo Crisis Lumumba was ousted by a military coup, imprisoned and executed by firing squad Coup was supported by the US government

10 Ziare Sese Seko takes control of the Congo with the support of the US
Wanted to purge country of colonial past Created an authoritarian gov’t Was corrupt Over thrown in the First Congo War

11 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Renamed again after the First Congo War Laurent Kabila was the first President Promised reform but never happened He was assassinated by his body guards Joseph Kabila Son of Laurent took over country after his father’s death Thought to be inexperienced Rebuilt relations with the West and made reforms Ended the Second Congo War

12 Other Issues in C. Africa
Deforestation Commercial companies are cutting down the rainforests in C. Africa Wildlife Poaching Animals such as gorillas, elephants, and rinos are killed and harvested for their value on the black market

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