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NEEAP 2 UCD-NESC Workshop 25 April 2012 Dr. Stjohn O’Connor Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources.

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1 NEEAP 2 UCD-NESC Workshop 25 April 2012 Dr. Stjohn O’Connor Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources

2 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop2 Agenda EU Policy Context Ireland’s second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan Energy Efficiency Directive

3 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop3 “20-20-20 BY 2020” Reduce greenhouse gas levels by 20% Increase share of renewables to 20% 100% Reduce energy consumption by 20% -10% Current trend to 2020 -20% 20% Current trend to 2020

4 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop4 1678 Mtoe -20% objective Status today 1842 Mtoe business as usual 2020 Projections from 2007 Projections from 2009 20% Energy saving objective 1474 Mtoe *Gross inland consumption minus non-energy uses Primary energy consumption*, Mtoe 1400 1450 1500 1550 1600 1650 1700 1750 1800 1850 1900 200520102015 Europe is not on track GAP

5 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop5 EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan Public Sector: –Procurement –Refurbishment target public buildings Industry –Energy savings for energy utilities –Increasing competitiveness –Removing obstacles to investment in EE tech for SMEs –New eco-design regulations and voluntary agreements Consumers –Transform building stock to low-energy consumption Financial support Legal obstacles EE appliances & systems –Empower consumers new technology Real time energy information Smart meters & grids Transport –White paper

6 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop6 Energy saving potential: NEEAP 1 GWh 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 12,000 18,000 0 14,000 16,000 10,000 Gap Residential Industry Public Energy savings by sector Transport

7 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop7 NEEAP2 – Top 5 Measures Public Sector – will be a leader in energy efficiency through strong committed action Measurement & Verification – M&V standard across all publicly funded programmes Implementation Group – ensure delivery Energy Efficiency Obligations – Better Energy PAYS – replace state supports

8 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop8 NEEAP2: Opportunities Benchmarking and reporting Non-domestic & commercial - BEW SME – incentivised audits, energy management Energy Efficient Procurement – Green Tenders Partnerships with energy suppliers

9 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop9 Public Sector We will introduce obligations on all public bodies to develop and implement energy management programmes appropriate for their organisations We will introduce an obligation on public bodies that are contracting the development of capital projects with projected energy consumption in excess of 1 GWh per annum to formally integrate the principles of energy efficient design into the project development phase We will establish a national advisory service for supporting innovative models of retrofitting and ideally financing energy efficiency measures in the public sector e.g. Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and Energy Service Companies (ESCos) We will develop an energy monitoring and reporting system

10 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop10 Business The Better Energy Workplaces scheme will achieve significant, measurable and verifiable energy performance gains in the public and private sectors We will spearhead the development of model contracts for EPC/ESCO procurement with a view to overcoming the barriers that exist We will ensure the SME sector has access to the necessary supports to reap the financial benefits from investment in appropriate energy management practices We will develop the ACA products list and Triple E register to serve as the recognized reference list for energy efficient procurement We will develop the construction industry’s capacity to achieve higher energy performance standards and in creating sustainable jobs over the lifetime of the Plan

11 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop11 Residential We will target those in energy poverty through the implementation of the Affordable Energy Strategy We will transpose and implement the provisions of the Recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) We will encourage industry to work towards the building requirements outlined in the framework for achieving low or nearly zero energy housing on a voluntary basis from 2013

12 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop12 Transport We will continue to incentivise the purchase of more energy efficient vehicles We will continue to promote mobility management plans in schools, workplaces and at home We have introduced a carbon tax on petrol and diesel which sends a strong pricing signal to road users We are introducing programmes to improve driver behaviour through speed enforcement

13 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop13 Energy Supply We will prioritise energy efficiency in investment decisions for new generation plant We will work collaboratively to maximise the full potential of Smart Grid deployment in Ireland We will continue to investigate the scope for reducing energy transmission and operational losses We will significantly expand our demand side management initiatives

14 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop14 Cross-sectoral We will ensure that the Better Energy Programme will upgrade Ireland’s building stock to high standards of energy efficiency We will lead on the introduction of an ESCO Action Plan. We will introduce an appropriate Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) model for Ireland to replace existing exchequer supports for domestic and non-domestic energy efficiency upgrade measures We will continue to raise awareness of the impact of energy usage on climate change and resource efficiency through supporting a range of educational and awareness-raising activities We will establish a Cross-Departmental Implementation Group to deliver the actions contained in the Action Plan

15 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop15 Energy Savings Trajectory

16 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop16 Energy Saving Projections Energy Savings (GWh)CO 2 (kt) Sector 2010202020102020 Public Sector 6503,240155730 Business 2,5055,8206201,330 Buildings 2,56515,2556253,650 Mobility -Transport6305,3301601,360 Energy Supply 1,9654,415490595 Total 8,31534,0602,0507,665

17 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop17 Energy Efficiency Directive: Issues for Ireland Renovation targets for public buildings Energy Saving Obligations - size Public sector procurement Energy performance contracting Mandatory energy audits Metering and billing CHP, District Heating, Transmission Binding targets?

18 25 April 2012UCD-NESC Workshop18 Questions?

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