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Thank you Any questions? 18.1.11 Tanya Gilchrist – Work Choice Implementation Manager Scotland.

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1 Thank you Any questions? 18.1.11 Tanya Gilchrist – Work Choice Implementation Manager Scotland

2 “I am absolutely delighted that the Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed Shaw Trust as the Prime Contractor for 16 CPAs out of 28. Shaw Trust are also delivering as a Tier 2 Supplier in 6 CPAs. This has enabled the organisation to further utilise its knowledge and expertise in assisting disabled and disadvantaged people on their journey to employment and greater independence”. Sally Burton, Chief Executive of Shaw Trust

3 Strategic context About Shaw Trust : Successfully delivered Workstep and Work Preparation for over 25 years Previously with a national contract of 3234 places now +14500 specialist Advisers delivering these services in the context of the social model of disability A 57% progression rate with 92% sustained outcomes Delivery to quality inspectorate requirements Our years of experience has helped to build our platform for the design and delivery of Work Choice.

4 Geographic's CPA 1 – as a Tier 2 supplier to the Prime - Highlands, Islands CPA 2 – Forth Valley, Fife and Tayside CPA 3 – Glasgow, Lanarkshire & E. Dunbartonshire CPA 4 – Edinburgh, Lothian, Borders & Ayr.

5 Working with the DWP/JC+ We support people who face complex barriers to finding and maintaining employment. Lack of confidence and/or self esteem?/Physical and/or sensory impairment Mental ill health/Learning disabilities/Social exclusion People in employment who have an acquired disability or a worsening health condition. Role of the DEA Work Choice: Determining eligibility & suitability Offering Choice to the Customers (where choice is available) Point of contact for the participant if they have any concerns with Work Choice

6 Delivery model Referral Management / Initial contact / Assessment The Customers Journey The initial contact and assessment process will ensure the Client has a greater opportunity to realise their potential Shaw Trust Direct – Central Point for all Referrals Dea/Statutory Referral Organisation Referral Getting Ready for Employment – Initial Assessment – within 10 days! Development plan Measurable goals against distance travelled model

7 A range of interventions and activities selected and owned by Clients to challenge personal and work focused barriers and both encourage and evidence progression. Support activities - 8 – 16 hours Foundation development 121 weekly reviews Dealing with and overcoming barriers Employability skills Placements Employer engagement Supported Business opportunities Distance travelled score informs Client support level 26 weeks support with possibly extension Delivery model Module 1 Getting ready for employment

8 Delivery model Module 2 Getting ready for independence Client moves into employment: Job confirmation meeting 3 way job set-up meeting Support activities of a minimum of 8hrs per month Module 2 activity for up to 18 months, focus is on progression and sustainability Job orientation Progression and interventions will be evident through application of the distance travelled model and support levels Achievement reports provide stakeholders with comprehensive evidence of programme impact and supports distance travelled and progression to unsupported employment.

9 Client evidence a clear requirement for longer term support through distance travelled scoring & review. Goals will be wide ranging Support activities of a minimum of 4 hrs per month Review programme progression Further assessment to prioritise support Supporting client independence Employer capacity building Delivery model Module 3 Getting ready for lifelong choices

10 Working with Supported Businesses We work with 11 Supported Businesses throughout this CPA Supporting 543 Customers Holding joint workshops to build capacity within the business to progress and develop Customers into open employment Process for monitoring occupancy & Vacancy Management Negotiate and agree performance measures

11 Delivery partners Craigowl & Cornerstone Our delivery partnerships will provide an excellent and competent supply chain. We have ensured that: They have experience with our Customer group They have substantiated, historical performance They have proven quality of service provision Delivery is localised Tier 3 Suppliers – Shaw Trust wish to here from suppliers who may want to work with us. This, coupled with Shaw Trust’s knowledge of the overall supply chain will delivery a quality service to our Clients Hansel

12 Developing Partnerships Shaw Trust are keen to develop our existing partnerships and develop new partnerships. Local delivery is essential and we are keen to support the sustainability of specialised services. Suppliers are invited to register their interest in working with Shaw Trust as a Tier 3 Supplier within Work Choice or as a supplier within the Work Programme To do this please contact me: or visit our Web Site – Partnership


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